Ever heard of Earth Links?

‘I need more grounding’

We all reach, on our spiritual path, moments in which we feel and know we need more grounding. This indicates that you need a deeper connection with Earth in order to be able to move forwards. If you are a Healer, Light Worker or even a Light Carrier the support of Mother Earth is essential for your work. Without the support of The Mother, you cannot manifest the inspiration that The Father (the Heavens) offers you.

Nothing helped to stabilize my grounding
I had been searching for many, many years for grounding. Years of practicing qi gong, frequenting acupuncturists, cranio-sacral therapists, and body workers. Whatever I tried, be it dancing salsa to graduating at the world-renowned Barbara Brennan School of Healing, in the long run nothing helped to profoundly stabilize my grounding. Was it my astrological sign (Gemini) that kept me imprisoned in the air? I reached a state of utter desperation, about to give up on life. Then one day I heard about Earth Links. Earth Links? These two words resonated so deeply with me; I immediately knew I needed to find out more about them.

Earth Links hardly ever repair themselves
My Emerald Heart Practitioner at that time, Yvonne Hrdy from Munich, explained to me that David Ashworth, spiritual teacher and founder of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, had discovered Earth Links many years ago and that his Guides had shown him how important they were in helping us become whole. ‘David is able to see far beyond the auric levels,’ she told me, ‘he looks right into the consciousness of people. By doing so, he found that in some people, some of their “connection channels” with Mother Earth are not working as they should. This is often caused by one or more traumatic events or too much emotional pressure. Earth Links hardly ever repair themselves and that is why these people keep on having trouble grounding.’

Two of my four Earth Links were missing
Guess what? Two of my four Earth Links were missing, hence my constant need for more grounding and my lack of life force. My Identity Channel had been disconnected since I was three years old, and my Creation Channel had detached some seven years ago, whilst at the Barbara Brennan School. I felt betrayed and angry that my previous teachers didn’t have a clue about Earth Links and hence could not share this incredible resource with me.

My whole energy system was a mess
I felt there was no time to lose. I wanted my life back. But my whole energy system was in such a mess without the support of these two Earth Links, that it took me an entire year of work on myself, just to repair them. What is undone decades ago, cannot be redone instantly. I had to set my impatience aside to be able to surrender to the pace necessary for my energy system to handle its recovery.

I needed the skills of an advanced Emerald Heart teacher
Once I began working with the advanced teachers of The Emerald Heart, I first took a number of Emerald Heart essences to balance my system and make it strong enough for the reunion with the first of my missing Earth Links. It then took another half year to be able to reconnect the second missing channel.

It’s like having had a broken leg
Separated or disconnected Earth Links first need to be reconnected before they can start functioning, one step at a time. As the energy from Mother Earth starts flowing through them, they require time to become strong and robust again. It’s like having a broken leg. After the bone is set, you can’t immediately walk on it. David refers to this process as ‘developing your energetic stamina’ to hold the power again. Recovery takes time. When I was in the process of repair (2014), I felt my Earth Links becoming stronger and my connection with the world improving.

Emerald Heart Light Program were crucial
The whole repair process was induced by Emerald Heart Light Programs. Step by step – without overwhelming my delicate system – my ‘new’ Earth Links increasingly fed me the loving and nurturing energy of Mother Earth. Every day anew I felt my grounding into the Earth Mother deepen. Day by day I regained a bit more energy and – more importantly – joy in life.

Through this experience, I can now help others
Looking back, the Earth Links’ repair provoked a paradigm shift within me. I now fully live my life, instead of remaining in survival mode. I can also now see that the Universe threw me this issue of lack of grounding so I could learn and grow, and be my own Guinea pig. I have experienced many issues and problems associated with the loss of Earth Links, and through this experience, I can now help others. As an Emerald Heart Practitioner and Teacher, I recognize and understand what my clients go through. The health misery I lived in for years, was nothing other than a blessing in disguise, the path I needed to travel in order to gain this inner knowledge from my experiences so I could reach out and help others.

Their names relate to their psychological meaning
Having learnt about and personally experienced the importance of Earth Links, I am now able to explain that we all have four of them. Their names relate to their psychological meaning. We all have an Umbilical Channel, an Identity Channel, a Grounding Channel, and a Creation Channel, which feed into the Root Chakra. Every Earth Link feeds your system with a certain quality of Earth energy. If one Earth Link becomes separated, you lose 25% of the energy your system needs in order to be healthy and whole. Two missing channels means you have lost 50% of the nurturing which Mother Earth wishes to support you with, etcetera.

What about your grounding?
Now what about you? Have you been wobbly for years? Do you have a constant sense of floating about? Do you experience deep tiredness? If so, why don’t you get your Earth Links checked? It’s easy. I might be able to help you and it is certainly worth looking into. The effects are life-changing, believe me, I know, I have been there!

I am happy to check your energy system in a 1-hour consultation.  I give my sessions remotely, preferably by Zoom or Skype, so it doesn’t matter where you are situated in the world.

I bless you with the Light of the Emerald Heart.

Harriët Kroon
Principal Light Carrier of The Emerald Heart Light