Walking the Path of Love

What is Spiritual Awakening?

For me, spiritual awakening is walking the path towards becoming whole and one with the Source. How? It is a gradual process that advances step by step. It is also a two-way process. The Light at the core of the Source is connected with the Light at the core of your heart, your flame. This flame desires to grow and expand, and simultaneously the Source is inspiring your flame to grow and expand.

Once this process has started, you can do nothing but follow the inner urge to expand your individual light. You start to awaken as your increasing inner light starts shining on all the things within you that are not in balance, whole or serving you. Your shadow side becomes visible and ready for healing.

Sometimes we need a crisis
In this process, you firstly become aware that you are more than a physical body with a controlling mind. Sometimes we need a crisis to awaken to this truth, like a divorce, losing a job, or in my case a severe burnout. You start listening to the feelings and longings in your heart. Your connection with nature and the invisible forces becomes more apparent.

Walking The Path of Love
This then leads to an ever-unfolding process of Walking The Path of Love, by:

  • Becoming more and more heart centered instead of governed by the mind
  • Trusting the unconditional loving power of the Universe
  • Wanting to become one with the Love at the Source

Working on your earth connection
To be able to become one with the Love of the Source, you need to work on your Earth connection, again and again and again. The deeper you can connect the vessel that you are to the core of the Earth, the deeper your connection with the Source. Your body will want to align itself between Heaven and Earth, and eventually you become a bridge of love between them.

This is what I call healing
Walking The Path of Love will result in:

  • An unceasing deep connection with nature
  • The ability to experience love in all that is and exists
  • Letting go of all that stands in the way of love: fears, trauma, negative beliefs, unhealthy patterns.

This is what I call healing or becoming whole. And this is what I am here to help you with.

Practical spiritual tools
As a Principal Light Carrier of The Emerald Heart Light, I’ve got many practical spiritual tools at my disposal to help you overcome any obstacle on your Path of Love. To mention a few of them:

  • 1-Hour consultations to help you see the Prime Limiting Factor in your evolution
  • Essence vibrations of Liquid Light to help you dissolve the energies of your fears, negative beliefs, traumas and to gain positive imprints
  • Light Programs to repair damage in your energy system, like a disconnected Earth Link, a damaged chakra, or any misalignment

If you’d like to know more, seize the opportunity of a Discovery Call, costless and naturally free of obligation.

With my heartfelt love,

Harriët Kroon
Principal Light Carrier of The Emerald Heart Light