We are spiritual beings having a human experience

Recognize your Ascension Symptoms

This week I had intended inviting you to my new ‘Advanced Chakra Purification and Alignment Program’, but I am afraid it was not meant to be. I received, out of the blue, around two weeks ago, a grounding attunement which brought me into such a deep transformational process, that my vessel can simply not currently host a 9-month program. The good news is that I feel I am being taken to a deeper level of preparation for the program and will be able to serve you even better with a deeper connection to The Mother of All That Is. THE SHE is presently birthing herself into my vessel, via Mother Earth. It is a profound change of grounding and being, which I am incredibly grateful for. Actually, it is another big step on the Ascension Ladder.


What is Ascension?

The Ascension Journey is the journey of transformation we all travel in our quest to become whole and serve our life mission. We travel inwards to heal old fears, pains and traumas.

Did you know that letting go of all that no longer serves you naturally raises your frequency? This leads you to experience the world around you with other eyes. From the Third Dimension, you ascend to the Fourth, and ultimately to the Fifth Dimension where all is one. The paradigm of Western society lies in the Third Dimension, where you experience yourself as a separate entity, and your ego competes with others under the false assumption of scarcity.

When your consciousness opens up to the Fourth Dimension, you start to experience that:

  • Time is an illusion
  • There is no past, no future, but only The Now
  • Your heart is the true compass, not your ego

In the Fifth Dimension, you experience that ‘God’ lies within you and co-creation with the Source becomes normal.

What are Ascension symptoms?

Each time you heal something within you, you let go of old energy and your frequency rises. Did you know that increasing your frequency can bring discomfort? These symptoms of growth are called Ascension Symptoms. Do not suppress them but take them seriously. They need to be acknowledged, for they are essential to your health on all levels. Ascension Symptoms make you whole and reconnect you with ‘home’.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Pierre Teilhard de Jardin



In the shift I am going through at the moment, I experience deep tiredness, muscle pain and forgetfulness. Let me give you some more examples of Ascension Symptoms, to help you recognise them. It will help you be compassionate with yourself. You can actually experience Ascension Symptoms at all levels of your being. At what levels do you tend to experience them?

a) Physical Ascension Symptoms
Letting go of physical tension can go hand in hand with all sorts of aches and pains, even flu like symptoms. I often experience, in the alignment process of becoming a bridge between Heaven (The Father) and Earth (The Mother), phases of severe back pain, directing me to other lives or unresolved issues. Healing and becoming whole can take a lot of energy and this naturally leads to deep tiredness. And did you know that your vessel becomes a more sensitive instrument as you develop it towards a higher frequency?

  • Be gentle with your aches and pains and ask them what their message is
  • Sleep a bit more, doze off when you can, and call it a power nap!

It takes energy to heal.
However, healing and becoming whole energizes.

b) Emotional Ascension Symptoms
All kinds of emotions can surface when you go through a vibrational shift. Have you ever been on a rollercoaster of emotions? Waves of fear, grief and anger are very common symptoms of releasing old memories and pain. At times, you can feel overwhelmed by emotions. On other days, you feel numb and cannot feel a thing. Being frozen or numb means that you are resisting the need to feel the pain of the past on its way out. In other words, you are blocking your healing.

  • Breathe in, breathe out
  • Stay connected to your emotion or resistance as you breathe through it

c) Mental Ascension Symptoms
Have you ever felt sudden memory loss and the fear of going mad? This is common when your mind (programmed in the Three-Dimensional way) is going through the process of letting go of non-supportive beliefs. By moving from the Third to the Fifth Dimension, you tend to go through several Paradigm Shifts, which lead you to see reality through different eyes. I find that the more I am able to be in The Now (Fifth Dimension), the less I am connected with the past (memories, trauma) and the non-existent future (worries).

  • Trust the process
  • Trust the wisdom of your body

d) Spiritual Ascension Symptoms
You are a spiritual being, thus on your journey home, you will reconnect with the spiritual realms. There is nothing strange about connecting with e.g. angels, guides and ascended masters like Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Many people wake up between 2 and 4am to receive guidance. The Divine Plan Healing System was given by in the early morning hours. I am eternally grateful to Lynne Shaw, its birthing mother, for getting up, making notes and taking action. Is your attention often drawn to sacred numbers like 11.11, 22.22 etc? When I see these, I see confirmation that I am living in synchronicity with the Universe.

  • Guidance is God-given information
  • Journal immediately what guidance gives you at any time, for it only comes once

e) Relational Ascension Symptoms
Have you ever felt lonely for friends disappearing from your life? As you move from the Third to the Fifth Dimensional reality, you will find that you start to see your relationships with other eyes. The nature of your relationships will change, you will suddenly recognize how some people like to use you, or tend to disrespect your boundaries, and you might feel more and more disconnected from good old friends. You will, in a natural process, move away from those who belonged to the old you. This can be a very painful process for the heart. Your new frequency however will attract new friends, based on unconditional love and mutual respect for each other’s sovereignty.

  • Trust the process
  • Allow yourself to be loved 

How to support yourself?

At times, vibrational shifts can be tough. Be the captain of your own ship, your vessel and do not despair. Supporting yourself with self-care is key:

  • Drink water to help your body detoxify
  • Visit nature, all nature heals
  • Exercise, but within reason
  • Meditate to find inner balance
  • Pamper yourself
  • Eat healthy food to support your body’s healing capacities

Tools of Transformation

Should you feel you need more or other support, take a look at my website for ways I can help you. It gives an overview of all my remote services with The Emerald Heart Light to help you on your transformational journey.

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Read the experiences of how these tools of transformation have proved their amazing value.

Wishing you smooth transformations.

With all my love,

~ Harriët Kroon

Principal Light Carrier of The Emerald Heart Light
Former Heart of The Divine Plan Healing System (2016-2020)
Original Channel of The Mary Magdalene Light