Healing taster, free of charge!

Online festival with Divine Plan healing

Would you like to know more about what Divine Plan Healing can do for you, and would you like to receive a healing taster? Then take a look at this talk entitled ‘Becoming one with your blueprint’.

Be sure you are not driving or active in any way, as you will be receiving three healing transmissions as you watch!

This talk was part of The Global Burning Woman Festival, normally held outdoors in the United Kingdom. In January 2021 however, it was offered online. I am honoured and excited to have been part of this great coming together of hundreds, perhaps thousands of like-minded souls.

Please share the video with anyone that might be interested in a taster of Divine Plan Healing.

With my heartfelt love,

~ Harriët

Teacher of The Divine Plan Healing System
Former Heart of The Divine Plan Healing System
Founder of The Divine Plan Healing School