When one door closes, another door opens

One of our ‘Principal Light Carriers’ (anchors) of The Emerald Heart Light, went, in the past year, through a deep transformation. In this Vlog and Blog, Harriët Kroon shares her personal journey, and the latest developments around bringing a new, pure, feminine Spiritual Light into the world – The Mary Magdalene Light.

Do you remember that last September, after six years of being the Heart of The Divine Plan Healing System, I handed over this responsibility to my dear colleague Alexandra Meyn. I did though continue offering Divine Plan Healings and Training to all who knocked on my door.

Goodbye & thank you

Recently however, on the 28th of June, I received a clear message from the Universe to stop offering these healings and training. You will see in the video above a bit more about this new step in my life, where I also thank everybody who came to me for this specific kind of support.

I really enjoyed the ‘Divine-Plan-ride’, your enthusiasm, your feedback, testimonials, love etcetera. Thank you for your trust in my work. Witnessing all the miracles and magic, was a truly enriching experience!!!

If you have trained with me

If you have trained with me in the past, and have not yet reached your desired level of professionality, nothing changes between us. I will still guide and mentor you, as my knowledge and love for the ultra-modern Divine Plan Healing System is far from gone.

Hello again!  :)

When one door closes, another door opens! You will find that from now on, I  focus increasingly on offering events, programs, transmissions etcetera with The Mary Magdalene Light. In the video you will hear why, and the latest developments around bringing this pure, feminine Spiritual Light into the world. 

I want to thank you for journeying with me so far.

And I am absolutely thrilled about all that is yet to unfold. I can sense that there is much more magic to come.

Once again, thank you, from the depth of my heart, and I am looking forward to continuing our journey from another perspective!

Many blessings,

~ Harriët
Amsterdam, July 1st, 2021

PS – Links
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