on Solstice Day 2018


Dear all, I would like to share the numerous feedback on the very first Mary Magdalene Light Transmission which took place on the 21st of June.

Some people had very precise, extensive experiences and others experienced subtle changes. Please know that there is no right or wrong experience! And don’t feel bad or not good enough if you did not see or feel Mary’s presence at all, this is not what we are after. I, for example never see her. It is all about receiving her nourishing and grounding Light.

It was heart-warming to witness how Mary’s Light was enthusiastically received in many countries, especially in Eastern Europe. We reached countless hearts in 21 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Scotland Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, many states of the US. Please let me know if I forgot to mention your country – I apologize if I missed yours!

Are you ready for the sharings? Here they come:

Felt very strongly a feeling of being in the womb. Protected, peaceful & actually surrounded by a reddish, pink hue of light. Not ready to be thrown in to the maelstrom of life! So happy there!

I felt the Mary Magdalene Light moving around my heart and it began to pulsate. I saw vibrant colours of purple, violet and pink with a deep feeling of peace. A beautiful combination of gentleness and strength came through. Thank you so much Harriët.

On the morning of 21st I have asked for the light and prayed hard for those affected by zero tolerance policy (Trumps policy). Poor families who were split up etc. After some time I switched on the news and learned that Trump signed new document stopping families from being separated. To me this was a miracle.

I was mantra-singing-meditating for almost an hour, and realized I could have invited the light, which I did at the end, and then the meditation went to a much deeper level immediately. Very special.

I felt myself slowing down and becoming more still. After about 10 minutes, it felt as if I was being gently covered by the energy. It felt like my whole aura had been wrapped completely in a very soft, protective layer. This was a very gentle energy which was not intrusive but was just present being steady and supportive if needed – like a good friend who would stay by your side. I thought about the theme of being worthy, of having value as a female. It was all very gentle like it knew what was needed and would be there to access at any time. Thank you Harriët for the experience.

Hello everyone, I would like to share my experience of the light with you. As I sat down to receive the light yesterday I felt Mary’s presence before me. I began to feel myself being pulled into a very deep state. So much so I actually got up from my seated position and went to bed. As I was falling asleep I saw a silver coin with her image rotating in front of me. Mary is saying to me as I type this “The currency we keep of ourselves.” I am getting the feeling from her that the sense of being bought and sold is part of her teaching. Measuring your worth.
What’s more my very close friend who received the light earlier in the day shared with me that she saw the word silver written in shimmering writing. She had been able to connect the colour with the feminine aspect of the moon also. My friend and I share a very close connection so it does not surprise me that we both had a similarity in our experience as the light tends to work through us both in this way. Grateful for her insights and to Harrët Kroon for bringing her light through. Much love

I was out walking and felt I wanted to sit down and connect – as a walked the path I turned a corner and there was this lovely seating area just perfect to connect. As I closed my eyes all I could see were wild poppies and beautiful sunshine – I could feel Mary it’s so peaceful sitting here. (See picture)

I have done it, she was very powerful my body was tingling all over, could see a white light and my head felt heavy, and time just disappeared. It was powerful thank you x

I have been shaking and tingling all day with divine love and grace. At 3pm I say down for 2 hours and just downloaded. It has been a very powerful day.

Today was truly remarkable & I thank you for the part you played. As I tuned into the energy she came in slowly & very gentle. It went through a process of fine tuning going from left to right balancing first. Coming in from behind then opening like a zip.
Before going deep into the heart as the pink ray’s started to flow the Goddess was there. She was illuminated by pink energy which was filled with many atoms of Light. She became larger as the expansion began. Building, building. She then lifted up her hands. She was here to uplift as we are here to uplift others in return. She was here to bring balance.
Soft droplets of water started to fall around her, like a gentle flow of tears for mankind. A release. These droplets change to form bubbles (rainbow bubbles). The rainbow light started to shift, moving slowly at first. As it moved it formed golden spheres of spinning light. Circles within circles, Wheels within Wheels. It was starting to build a structure between Heaven & Earth.
It was like there was an explosion of a meteorite and it shattered scattering everywhere. A huge shift taking place in space/energy. I felt this was also a projection of what was happening inside each of us. I could feel harsh energy come to the surface that I was releasing. Went very deep but was still aware there was a lot being released from the heart & throat chakra. I could hear the call of whales. As I had done in the light transmission last year with you.
As I came back I felt very grounded and peaceful. I lay quietly for 30min. As I breathed in I could feel the energy flow from the heart in my legs. Then rising from the heart.
The next day I felt a calmness and I have been taking the Emerald Heart essence Inner Silence which has worked well with this experience. I felt when I saw the mass of pink energy that had taken form, I was seeing and feeling the pure love of Christ from a feminine aspect & very humbled by it.
Once again thank you for the Gift.

I felt that the light transmission was strong and deeply penetrating, rather than “gentle.” It put me into a deep sleep quickly, and I did not have any visions or dreams. I woke up 5 hours later, in the middle of the night, restless but full of energy.

Since our conversation on Messenger the flow of energy started and Mary Magdalene is very close. Thank you for opening the door for me, to be able to step into her Light. The white rose (see picture) is my gift to all, it was a part of my meditation with Mary Magdalene.
It was a beautiful gathering, the Love among all the People included, I felt your dedication and I feel deep respect. You are a beautiful loving soul full of light and love. The energy was healing my heart, femininity, forgiveness and acceptation. I surrendered to the feminine energy so strongly present with so much Love and clarity. I’m deeply grateful for all. Specially to you my dear. You opened the door for me to enter in a special sacred space, to drink from the Silver chalice and Look in to the purest water in it. My heart is full of Love, peace and joy, acceptance. Blessings to you and all included. From my heart in light, Love and truth.

During the Light Transmission I will be at Rennes-les-Bains and or -Chateau. How special to receive Mary Magdalene’s pink light on a very beautiful place. Thank you from my heart.

Firstly it was very powerful, but in a really gentle way. A lot more gentle than Dave’s Darshan, Emerald Heart Light Transmissions and Divine Plan remote healings.
I perceived the pink light as going through the crown chakra from the outside and it also stimulating pink light to grow within you from the bottom of your heart. They then met together in some sort of fusion, as you were shown gently what you needed to let go of and held in a soft space. I fell asleep for part of it and thoughts raced around sometimes, but it was very different in how it released fear.
The other methods mentioned tend to bring it up and hit you with it, whilst this was more showing you where you lacked love. Like letting the love of Mary Magdalene/ Divine Feminine grow inside of you, rather than it being about releasing darkness as much. Perhaps in this way it is a more gentle method, as the darkness fizzes out because of the growing pink light of love rather than being blasted up by the Emerald Heart/Golden Light.
That is my best attempt to describe in words what is very hard to describe in words lol!!

I bought a book at amazon today. After the purchase I was offered another book about Thyroid Healing from Anthony William. I decided to buy this book to, because I trying to heal my thyroid since two years with Thetahealing and Divine Plan, too. Nothing worked until now. I wanted to buy it, but every time it switched to the ebook version and I don’t like ebooks. I prefer to have a book in my hands. But there was suddenly this inner voice which told me to take the ebook version it seemed to be urgent to start reading. I’m telling you this all, because the author is very interesting, he can see the human bodies from inside and the diseases. He writes that the problems with the thyroid are caused by the Epstein Barr Virus. As well as some other physical problems I have. According to the doctrine of Thetahealing are viruses connected to low self-worthiness. The urgency with which I refer to this book and tis special author is for me I result of the Mary Magdalene Light-Transmission. I really was guided to find this book and read it as soon as possible. This is a very special author. Anthony William. Thanks to Mary Magdalene for guidance ?

Many thanks Harriet for this. Mary’s Light did indeed come in twice. Once in the morning and again in the evening. Both times it was a very gentle energy but with a sharpness to it – that is the only way I can describe it. No experiences just an awareness of the energy.


Divine! Thank you! I feel peace and love in my heart.

What I am witnessing now, the evening before the Light Transmission is a pink sunset!

Thaaank you xx slept sooo good xx felt warmth and sincerity xxxxxxxxxx

I felt a lot of quiet.

I had 2 sessions with Mary Magdalene. I could feel her energy very strongly in my heart. It was very peaceful.

Nice soft healing energy.

With softness & joy, MERCI for the wonderful Light Transmission of our Wonderful Lady of Wonders, Mary Magdalene! – Much energised!!

It was wonderful extremely intense very many thanks ???


That’s the sharings for now.

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Many blessings and thank you all for participating and sharing. It has been a pleasure to serve you,

Harriët Kroon

Founder of the Divine Plan Healing School
Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System
Channel of Mary’s Light