How come that Easter is associated with dyed eggs, whilst it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead? Mary Magdalene, the woman at Jesus’ side is involved in this mystery.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene lived about 2000 years ago, and over the years many legends and traditions grew around these role models. Of course, we will never know for certain which story tells the absolute truth about the Easter eggs tradition, but there are a few worth mentioning.

In the Eastern Orthodox tradition, after Jesus’ crucifixion Mary Magdalene visited Emperor Tiberius in Rome. She complained to him about how Pontius Pilate handled Jesus’ trial. She described the event of the crucifixion of which she was an eye witness. Then also, she shared that on the third day after Jesus’ burial she saw that the stone in front of his tomb was gone and that the grave was empty. At that moment Jesus had appeared to her and explained that he was ascending to God. ‘Christ has risen,’ she spoke to Emperor Tiberius, whereupon he pointed to an egg in her hand and quipped, ‘Christ has no more risen than that egg is red.’ Her egg immediately turned blood red.

According to the Orthodox, it is from this event that we developed the custom of Easter eggs. In the Russian and Greek tradition, RED Easter eggs are given as gifts.

According to another legend, passed down in the Eastern Church, Mary Magdalene brought boiled eggs to share with the other women at the tomb of Jesus. The eggs in her basket miraculously turned brilliant red when she witnessed the Risen Christ. Others say that the egg represents the boulder over the entrance to the tomb of Jesus or even the tomb itself.

Cross cultural mythologist and anthropologists argue that Easter eggs are remnants of an earlier tradition associated with a Germanic goddess of springtime and fertility known as Ostara. She is sometimes spelled as Oestra or Eostre, hence the word Easter. The other symbol of this goddess was a hare, hence the Easter bunny. Her rites might very well originate with Ishtar, the ancient Mesopotamian goddess of love and fertility. If so, Easter eggs are actually Isthar eggs.

Whatever the true Her-story may be, eggs stand for transformation and rebirth, and Mary Magdalene too. An egg brings new life and Mary Magdalene was the announcer of rebirth.
The archetype of Mary Magdalene also embodies sexuality – fertility is an important aspect of new life. Red is the colour of vitality and blood. Mary Magdalene knew all about the blood mysteries: menstruation, birth, death, resurrection.

Over the past two millennia, Mary Magdalene stayed as popular as a pop queen is in our days. Her fully sexual female divinity and feminine wisdom has inspired and comforted countless women. They still do and will do even more, because we are living in the era where the Divine Feminine God Force is reclaiming her place. All over the world, women and men are called by an inner urge to step up against the ancient patriarchal system that keeps us away from being balanced beings. They are more than ready to reclaim their feminine qualities in order to live a more gentle and balanced life than the capitalistic society allows us.

During her life, Mary Magdalene embodied the Divine Feminine God Force. Her consciousness is still around and her Light is there for those who are ready for personal and spiritual transformation. Whether you like it or not, we are living in an era of transformation. Old societal structures are falling away and we are requested to finding a healthy answer to the fall of patriarchy. If we want to create a balanced society, we need to balance ourselves first. Only people with inner balance can create outer balance. At this time and age, all that matters is the inner work. Our lives are about healing and wholing, and not about consumerism and plastic surgery on our bodies.

Perhaps you have attended one of the Mary Magdalene Light Transmissions that I offered some months ago. Mary Magdalene’s Light is incredibly healing and wholing. She connects you to your essence and your love. Participants are always in awe of the gentle transformational power of Mary’s Light.

I had planned to offer another Mary Magdalene Light Transmission for this Easter, but currently I am drawn deeply into the energies of The Mary Magdalene Magical Months, a Light Program of 7 months on Self-Love that is coming to its conclusion. Many people from all over the world are participating and we will conclude our Self-Love Journey in the Light of Mary in a few weeks’ time with a Magical Rebirth Weekend in Amsterdam. When The Mary Magdalene Magical Months are over, I will focus on offering a Mary Magdalene Light Transmission again. Make sure you stay tuned.

For now, I wish you a good Easter Weekend.

May the Easter bunny treat you on Mary Magdalene’s egg, the symbol of transformation and rebirth. May Easter herald inspiration, creativity, new beginnings.

Many blessings,

Harriët Kroon
  Channel of Mary Magdalene’s Light
  Mother of the Divine Plan Healing School

Amsterdam, 20 April 2019

Painting: Richard Stodart