People in 10 countries participated in
The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission

The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission of the 22nd of June was a great success. People in ten countries participated – I always love it when Mary Magdalene’s nurturing and mothering Light may be sown in all over the world. We reached beautiful hearts in Australia, Austria, England, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, Spain and the United States.

As usual, I have gathered feedback. Are you curious what our Light Transmissions can do for you? Check the amazing experiences below.

Thank you so much, participants of The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission for allowing yourselves to receive this Divine Gift and sharing your experiences with me. You got a lot out of it which makes me truly very happy 🙂 !

Much love,
~ Harriët 

Great feedback 
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It was a great day for me. I sat consciously in the light for many hours in the day and felt very soft and very held and in the evening I went to a birthday party which was a very sweet kind of party not people really drink etc. and had a lovely time talking with some old friends just feeling very present and relaxed. Even navigating through lots of drunk people on my way home through the underground was a rather chilled experience whereas I often find it stressful and jarring.
All in all it was a special day, no huge spiritual or energetic fireworks but peaceful and loving which I’m sure it exactly what I needed.
Thank you very much Harriët.
  Tim, England


On Saturday morning I went for an early walk up my local hill – it was a beautiful still sunny morning and I was repeating my intention on the way up with a view to going back to the flat to lie down and receive the healing but when I reached the summit I strongly felt I should lie down on the grass in the sun and receive healing there. I felt a very peaceful energy and fine vibration in my body and I lay down for about 30mins. When I got back home I lay down and some music by ‘Stellar’, a track called  Divine Harmony and the energy was amazing . Later a friend came over and I played the track to her and I felt a complete balance of the masculine and feminine. It just feels like the whole sequence of the Earth Healing (the day before), Stellar and the Mary Magdalene healing was all connected and each supported the other in a unified field.
  Christopher, England


Thank you very much for the Light Transmission. My Heart became warm, very soft loving energy, which I also felt in myself. ?
I landed in myself, became present in my whole body. Afterwards I was pink. Later I lay down to integrate everything.
I look forward to starting the Mary’s Light essence. ?
  Lynn, the Netherlands


I am not sure of the exact nature of my experience with the Light Transmission. Because  I was doing the Earth Healing Event the previous day, the energy was very high on that day and mingled with the energies overall so I am not sure what was what.
On the 22nd, I woke about 5am and I could feel the light flowing. It is more subtle and gentle. That evening about 10.30 I lay down to receive a more focused healing. I could sense Mary Magdalene’s presence near me as a support. Watching me. It is gentle and non-intrusive allowing me to receive at my own pace. I fell asleep and when I woke It was after twelve and I  knew the light had been ‘switched off’ or ended transmission as I  could feel it was missing. Over the course of the day I was aware of a general boost or flow of light in the background. I get the feeling it did a lot of deep work but I don’t know what that was.
Overall guidance seems to flow more easily and I feel more connected to everything, nature etc.
As I said, I feel that Earth Healing and the Light Transmission and the fact I am preparing to teach Divine Plan Healing are all merging and having an effect.
  Mary, Ireland


Well, some days before the 22nd of June I was thinking already what could be my intention to put during this one hour Light Transmission, what should I ask for? There came up the idea of asking María Magdalena for help to be much more aware of my inner voice, obtaining much more consciousness about my every day  actions, being able to live much more in the Presence than  in the Past or in the Future!
When the Light Transmission started I noticed nearly immediately her energies coming up, they were soft and light, had the feeling that they did surround me in a whole. I didn´t have any special experience during the transmission, just felt like being in the Flow, a feeling of an inner harmony invaded my body, being in peace with myself and the rest of the world.
The next day – Sunday I felt a lot of energies in my hands, so I got into contact with my friends and gave them both a Distance Healing, and to my husband too.
I don’t know if Maria Magdalena has already fulfilled my desire, but the fact is that I can feel – or being much more conscious or aware when my Ego is emerging in my thoughts.
  Anke, Spain


I received the Mary Magdalene light for 1 hour. I lay down under a blanket, set my intention “To have courage to embrace my feminine power” and created sacred space with a candle and some background music. I felt relaxed and calm and half way through I turned over to the foetal position. It was very comforting.
I felt some heat in my heart chakra but other than that I didn’t really get any major sensations. I find I don’t feel a lot in distant healings or transmissions whatever this means. I got an image of a little child in my mind. It is hard to describe the overall effect but it is like a quiet sense of just being.
Today I went out and distributed flyers for my Reiki practice at the annual village festival where I live. This is something I would not have had the courage to do this time last year at the festival. I felt a calm serenity while I met the public.
Thank you again Harriët,
  N., Ireland



Hello Harriët, sometimes I ‘m not aware that much is happening but during The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission I tried to get closer to Mary and also to Jesus, I felt a deeper connection and feel things are becoming clearer, so I am very pleased about that. It has been such a long journey. Thank you for all your giving, where would we be without you.
  Patricia, Scotland ?



I did the 24hr package. As I was preparing for The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission, I wasn’t sure what intention to set, so what I did was to be open, and trust it would be revealed to me at some point. I did 1-hour healing 00:01 (yes I was waiting patiently to receive, ha) before going to bed wrapped in my Divine Plan Healing blanket. The healing was beautiful and really relaxed and grounded me.
Next morning I was putting flowers on my altar, and I felt her loving presence, and she was so joyful and full of fun. She then said – “let’s just be girls today, let’s be light of heart, let’s have fun and be free”. Of course I laughed out loud as her vibration had that effect. She was promoting me remembering not to be so serious, to have fun laughter and just being a girl enjoying being female to, and to embrace it.
I was meeting a friend to go walking and then lunch, which was a last minute arrangement! We had such fun laughing, talking, and just that togetherness and connecting and connecting with Mother Earth. I was focusing on me and the importance of self-care and setting boundaries for work and play, remembering Self-Love doesn’t just happen; you have to invite it into your life.
I ended my day being more present and aware of self-love. I ended my 24hr gift giving  myself another healing, before I drifted off into a very peaceful relax sleep. I think for the next Mary Magdalene Light Transmission I will also get the Mary’s Light Essence, get the full package!
Thank you Harriët & Mary for my gifts.
  Loraine, Scotland