Awakening the Magdala Within


Could you not host your retreat somewhere else?

A few women have emailed me that they would love to participate in my retreat ‘Awakening The Magdala Within, Walking in the Footsteps of Mary Magdalene’, but that they are not keen on traveling to Israel.

Let me explain to you why this retreat could not take place anywhere else but Israel and why it is important to step out of your comfort zone when your heart is calling.

Let me first share that I completely understand resistance of travelling to Israel. Myself, I never felt called to visit the country, because I find the political concepts around it very difficult to comprehend. But then, about 1.5 year ago, Mary Magdalene guided me to travel to the places where she walked her talk, and as you probably know, when we are guided we have no choice.

Last December I went to visit Magdala, the ancient little town where she lived, and also other sacred sites around the Sea of Galilee. The people were lovely, the immense beauty of the ancient sites blew me away, and very important, I felt very completely safe anywhere in the country. During my travels Mary Magdalene gifted me with many essence vibrations that I can now pass on, together with the initiation called The Awakening of the Magdala Within.

Offering this initiation is what I have to do in this life and I cannot prevent this happening in Israel. My experiences in Israel were very positive. Moreover, the northern part of Israel is very peaceful and that is exactly the area where I will host the female only retreat.

Did you know that EACH TIME I offer a retreat the minds of the people who feel called come up with a million excuses? E.g. when it takes place in Amsterdam, they have fear of Amsterdam. When it takes place in the South of France, they are afraid of finding their way to a small village. And this time, they have fear of Israel. Guess what, people who listen to their self-sabotaging mechanisms, will never receive in this lifetime what they are longing for. Yes, it does take courage to sign up for a retreat and to step out of your comfort zone. But guess what, you are not the only one, the other participants are going through the same fears. Perhaps you can travel together!

For myself, I had to overcome many fears to travel to Israel in December, follow all Guidance and set up a retreat. This is absolutely normal when we go through personal and spiritual growth. If I had not stepped out of my comfort zone, I would have sabotaged my evolution and, even worse, I would not have been able to offer YOU this important gathering in the embrace of Mary Magdalene. I absolutely know that you will love the sacred sites, you will love being with only a small group of women (eight) and the ignition of The Magdala Within You will bring you the deepest healing a woman can experience.

Are you the one who takes one of the last spaces?

I am looking forward to gather with you in Israel.

With love,

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MARY MAGDALENE RETREAT – Only 2 places left

I invite you to participate in my forthcoming retreat and to give you an idea of what you can expect, here is a little feedback from one of the participants in my French retreat last year.

Thank you for organizing this extraordinary retreat in the South of France. From the venue and the delicious, healthy and vegetarian food to the organization of the excursions and the seminar contents, everything was wonderful. I would particularly like to highlight the great excursions to the sacred places related to Mary Magdalene. Since the attunement I feel much more connected to Mother Earth, Mother/Father God and the Path of Light. This deep connection fills my whole being. In addition, I was able to release and transform some of my very strong fears. I’m extremely grateful for that and of course I thank you Harriët and for everything we were offered to experience.’
Daniela, Germany
Divine Plan Retreat, June 2018

Would you like to experience a similar spiritual retreat in Israel? Visiting sacred sites where Mary Magdalene loved, lived and laughed?

Grow into a whole new level of being a woman
It is with immense humility and gratitude that I would like to invite you to the retreat that I am offering in Israel in March 2020. For the last year and a half, my vessel has been prepared by The Mary Magdalene Light to be able to offer you the initiation of:

The Awakening of The Magdala Within 

This initiation will allow you to grow into a whole new level of being a woman. Hidden pathways within your blueprint will be ignited for you to enter a divine process of becoming whole and holy.

Since my own purification began, dormant sacred pathways in my feminine blueprint have been activated. I would love you to share in the grace of this amazing journey.

  • I have places for 8 women only – only 2 now remain.
  • ‘The 22 Rays of The Mary Magdalene Light’ (a unique, spiritual email program from 1-22 December) is one of the free bonuses.

Please download this PDF for all the details. 

It would be great to journey with you in Israel, this coming March, in the embrace of the Mother Goddess, for you to become one with her.

Artwork by Lila Violet
Retreat logo by Karen Frey