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I would have never done it

Receiving the healing has been a strange experience. I’m not accustomed to this type of thing. If it was not from my friend I would never have done it.
Actually, during the healing I had the feeling to be at the right place at the right moment. I was alone and that was just perfect. I had many thoughts, but not like the ones you can have during meditation. They seemed accurate and less rambling, they seemed to be there for a purpose. I knew something was really happening when my cat came in and instead of lying on my chest which she always does, she walked all around me and left.
Since I woke up this morning, I feel different, I feel more grounded and more self-confident. I feel connected to my intuition. I asked to be freed from my fears and I have the feeling I got what I asked which is all new.
I hope it will last, I feel so comfortable with myself, it’s a relief! Can you tell me if it will last?

It’s been a week now since I experienced the healing and I feel its effects are still there and in a process of grounding inside me, opening new response to my everyday life and relationships free from pointless fear.

Karine, France

Ik ben gestopt met roken!

Mijn rookverslaving is voorbij. De extra kilo’s zijn voor later een zorg. Ik heb niet het idee dat ik heel veel meer eet, wel een beetje maar de stofwisseling verandert sowieso.
Ik heb zeker het idee dat jouw healingsessie geholpen heeft, meer nog dan de bijbehorende Divine Love druppels, hoewel het lastig te beoordelen is wat wat doet. Ik heb ze nu net op.
Ik ben er gewoon superblij mee dat het gelukt is. Het is niet makkelijk, nog steeds niet. Nachtmerries, onrust, darmklachten, boosheid… het komt er allemaal achteraan. Maar ik ga het volhouden.
Bedankt voor de effectieve behandeling. Graag tot een volgende keer. Succes met de praktijk en het helpen van anderen.
Hartelijke groet van

Maria van den Oever, Nederland

Geweldig krachtig

Hallo Harriët,

Het was een geweldig krachtige healing.


Gabriël, Amsterdam

No jet lag symptoms after flying from Europe to Australia

A long-distance healing from Harriet to remedy the signs and symptoms of a jet lag following a flight from Europe to Australia defied all expectations! I have done many long-distance flights all round the world, and am very familiar with the subsequent jet lags. Following this particular flight, Harriet sent a healing for my first night back in Australia. Amazingly, I slept right through the first, and all subsequent nights, and felt active and awake throughout the days. My partner, who was not with me on this trip but is also very familiar with jet lags, even commented upon how fit I was and remarked that I seemed to be in better condition than him! Needless to say, a healing with Harriet will be high on the list for my next long-distance flight.

J.F., Australia

I learned to give Divine Plan Healings at age 84

Today I witnessed another Divine Plan Healing. And yes, I let my client pay. She came back for a second helping, since she experienced a lot of positive change after her first Divine Plan Healing six weeks ago. I saw and felt the changes in her energies. Awesome. It also gave a boost to my self-confidence.

Every time I do a Divine Plan Self-Healing I’m asking for help to make a difference in people’s lives, not only during healing, but just by being around. What a joyful game!

Looking back, I can hardly believe I did this bus ride all the way from Malmö, Sweden to Amsterdam, The Netherlands by myself at age 84 to learn to give Divine Plan Healings – it was worth the effort!!!!

Edna Hinnerson, Ystad, Sweden

‘Ik ben rustiger in mijn hoofd en leid een actiever leven’

‘Vijf weken geleden kreeg ik een Divine Plan Healing van je, waarvan ik heel lekker heb nagenoten. In de eerste week erna heb ik een mooie droom gehad over mijn overleden moeder. Verder ben ik rustig in mijn hoofd geworden en een actiever leven gaan leiden. Het doel van de healing was ‘het durven laten stromen van levensenergie en levensvreugde’. Dat is dus gebeurd, is dat niet heerlijk? Tegelijkertijd heb ik ook meer de behoefte om stil te zijn en te mediteren, daar probeer ik elke dag tijd voor te maken. Nogmaals dank!’

Smooth recovery of an operation

‘Having received a Divine Plan Healing session from Harriët long distance, for a medical procedure I had just had performed on me, I was very aware of a presence around me that seemed gentle, yet powerful. I could feel it getting in to my very core over the course of around an hour. The next day, I felt a considerable shift in general well being and renewed inner energy and I am sure that the healing greatly assisted in what otherwise would not have been such a smooth recovery’

Iain Balmain, Devon, United Kingdom

‘Ik weet nu wie ik ben en wat ik wil’

‘De eerste week voelde ik me zwaar in mijn hoofd, elke keer als ik de Divine Love essencedruppels nam. Gelukkig ging dat over. Nu, 5 weken na mijn Divine Plan Healing, merk ik dat rustiger ben geworden in mijn hoofd. Ook ben ik bewuster van mezelf geworden. Ik weet meer wie ik ben en wat ik wil. Dit heeft zelfs tot een enorm conflict met mijn partner geleid. Omdat ik altijd twijfelde en nooit knopen kon doorhakken, was het doel van mijn healing “in contact komen met mijn gevoel en vandaaruit keuzes gaan maken”. Toen dat begon te gebeuren, wist mijn vriendin niet wat ze meemaakte :-)’

A., Amsterdam

‘A weight has been lifted off my shoulders’

‘I was surprised at myself for taking the step to reach out to you. I can’t believe how effective your Divine Plan Healing is. You are truly amazing. I feel alive again and happy! I wonder why it was so difficult to be positive and in this state on my own. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am astonished at my sudden lack of irritation and anger. So many bad things are happening – I am a victim of credit card fraud, sewer water leaking in te apartment, etc. But somehow I am so calm! I had one somewhat revealing dream, and many bad things occurring with the landlord, and I don’t feel emotionally affected by any of it. What did you do to me? Anyway, thank you so much.’

N., New York, USA

‘Mijn pijnlijke hart ontving een kristallijnen roos’

‘Tijdens de Divine Plan Healing ging m’n hart ontzettend pijn doen. De gidsen plaatsten toen een grote kristallijnen witte roos in mijn hart. Zo bijzonder, want zo’n roos staat voor het Christus Licht. De pijn ging toen meteen over. Ook rook ik 3 keer een geur die ik niet kende. Het was een voorbijgaande vleug, heel licht, apart, niet doordringend. Hij leek niet op ”de Balsem Gods”, de geur van aartsengel Rafael, die ik vaak ruik. En ook niet op die van Maria en Jeshua. Later op de dag bezocht ik de Hortus Botanicus en rook ik even aan een lotusbloem. Het was deze geur die ik had geroken!

Mijn healing had als doel “het loslaten van drama” meegekregen. Ik raakte in een diepe ontspannen staat van zijn en ontving de woorden “Er is geen drama. Er bestaat geen drama”. Zo is het natuurlijk ook – we creëren ons eigen drama. En weet je, Harriët, toen ik wakker werd van de healing en jou zag zitten, zag ik dat jij Maria’s zieletrilling hebt.’

A.S., Amsterdam

‘The Divine Plan Healing tool is the easiest I’ve ever come across’

‘I really enjoyed myself on the Divine Plan Training Day and I feel blessed to be part of such a wonderful tool. I have learnt a lot of healing techniques over the years (EFT, Ho’oponopono, ThetaHealing, Human Software Engineering) and the Divine Plan is the easiest so far. I also think it’s the most profound and astonishingly I have no resistance to doing self-healing! It’s very exciting!’

X, Groot-Brittannië

Confidence in myself

‘Two months ago I had a Divine Plan Healing to gain self-confidence and have faith in my future. Now I feel much more clarity about who I am and in which direction I want to move. I also had a lot of fights with my younger sisters. Our father passed away many years ago and they still want me to be their father while they are in their twenties. To my own surprise I was able to tell them that I am not their father and cannot carry the burden of all the problems they create for themselves. The day after I thought: ‘Was this hard to tell? No it wasn’t!’ I can stand for my truth and my life now and it is much easier than I thought.’

M., Amsterdam

‘Being a Divine Plan Healing Student was transformational’

‘During the past 6,5 months in which I was a Divine Plan Healing Student I could experience on many levels how the Emerald Heart Light started to initiate a transformational process in me and how the universe offers opportunities to learn and grow as this process unfolds. At times I experience the light very strongly and in an astonishing specificity – and I feel it work in a very direct and powerful way. I discovered in the past months as well how important and supportive it is to be connected with other Divine Plan Healing Students whilst walking this path. Harriët has been a wonderful and generous mentor and has clearly contributed to how my process unfolded. It feels encouraging and affirmative to know that she is there.’

Divine Plan Healer B.

Divine Plan Healings: easy and illuminating rituals

‘It is great to have found an “easy ritual” or possibility like Divine Plan Healings to illuminate life and be able to step on a spiritual path so effectively. I’m looking forward to walk this path for the rest of my life, at least of this one :-).’

Divine Plan Healer Ingo, Switzerland

‘Het gouden licht kwam van Jezus’

‘Harriët, toen je met ons sprak, nog voordat je de Divine Plan Groepshealing gaf, zag ik aan de achterkant van jouw lichaam een gouden straal van licht je hart binnenkomen. Door je hart ging het naar ons toe. Ik keek achter jou, om te zien waar het vandaan kwam. Daar zag ik op je altaar een kaart staan met een afbeelding van Jezus. Uit die kaart kwam het Licht.’

A, Amsterdam

It helped me 100%

I had a reflexology treatment the other day, and had such an emotional release afterwards, that I had to do a Divine Plan Self Healing session. The 7 Heavenly Steps were a mess, crying is not conducive to a smooth delivery… LoL. Anyway, it helped me 100%, removing the deep sadness I was feeling, and improving my very painful right hip and sacrum.

? x K

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