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FAQ – Light Essences

Not to be compared with essential oils, Emerald Heart essences have no scent and are not for diffusion.

Our essences are unique, for they

  1. contain The Emerald Heart Light
  2. can be programmed to heal a specific target

The Emerald Heart Light is pure consciousness and unconditional love and is infused with Universal Intelligence. When you receive your essence, tell it what you want it to help you with – set only one healing target per bottle.

You are in charge of your healing process
You drink it to deeply infuse your whole system with its benefits. The intake is easy and places the power over your healing process in your own hands. Take three tiny drops, three times a day, in a little water: when you get up in the morning, halfway through your day and when you go to bed at night.

Each time you take three drops, you not only induce healing, but also set your intention to receive the support of The Emerald Heart Light. Forgetting to take your essence, comes to forgetting to set your intention for receiving healing.

If you want to stop your healing process, simply stop taking your drops.

In the less complex of cases, just one essence will be powerful enough to bring you the energy and Light needed to unlock and move forward freely. You then experience a kind of ongoing momentum from just a single essence.

Sometimes you will need a second or third essence in order to keep the progression going or to deepen it.

When you are dealing with a deeply engrained issue, you may take as many as you wish in a row. Let your intuition guide you.

Yes. In general, you take one essence to focus on one issue, so by taking multiple essences, you will be working on multiple issues simultaneously. The only disadvantage is that you cannot clearly differentiate which vibration does what.

You can take the drops of different essences all together in some water.

Our essences contain 30% of alcohol, for preservation purposes. If you wish, I can provide you with essences on a 100% water base.

Babies and children are far more sensitive to our essence vibrations than adults are. Three drops a time is usually far too much for them. Please do not experiment with this. Contact me and I will be delighted to give you personalized advice.

Animals and plants do not like alcohol. Our essences contain 30% of alcohol, for preservation purposes, but I can provide you with essences on a 100% water base should you prefer.

Be aware that animals and plants are far more sensitive to our essence vibrations than people are.

  • Animals
    Please do not force an essence upon an animal. They are highly intuitive and will know whether they need the vibration or not. Put a few drops in an extra bowl of water so they have a choice from which one to drink. Refresh both water bowls daily. 
  • Plants
    A few drops of essence to the water you are watering your plants with is enough to treat a whole series of plants.

Blessing nature
When I go out in nature, I regularly offer drops of essence to Mother Earth, plants, and trees.  In my experience  they tend to respond in a magical way, like touching and opening your heart. 

Yes. Our essences are not homeopathic remedies, they contain Light. You could even use the essence in addition to homeopathy, but I advise against it as you will no longer be able to distinguish what has which effect.

Each time you take three drops, you not only induce healing, but also set your intention to receive the support of The Emerald Heart Light. Forgetting to take your essence is the same as forgetting to set your intention for receiving healing. Taking six drops the next time, doesn’t help, or compensate. Commit and try to not forget to take your essence.

A few tips
Some people find it difficult to remember to take drops in the middle of the day. You could:

  • Set the alarm on your phone
  • Put three drops in a bottle of water and drink it all throughout the afternoon

These things can happen although our bottles are strong and would only break if they fall at a certain angle.

Breaking or losing your bottle can happen for several reasons:

  • Sheer bad luck
  • Self-sabotage
  • If you no longer need the vibration

Self-sabotage is the most common reason and happens mostly subconsciously.

Ask yourself: could it be that deep down inside I prefer to stay within my comfort zone?

If the answer is yes, I invite you to purchase another bottle to overcome your self-sabotage.

It is possible that once you start taking an essence, you feel various energetic sensations and a kind of tiredness. This indicates that a lot is happening energetically, like clearing out old energies.

In exceptional situations, symptoms do not get better or even worsen, such as in the case of fears or anxiety. This reveals some underlying cause that needs to be looked at more closely. It is most likely that the Light in your essence is triggering a disruptive energy that doesn’t belong to you. This doesn’t mean that your essence is not doing its work. It is, by showing you what hinders you, and what you need help with.

An energy that doesn’t belong to you can cause all kinds of complaints, of which fears, anxiety and tiredness are the most common.

Light Essences or Divine Plan healings are not powerful enough  to remove these sorts of energies, but they do help to bring them to the surface so that we can take action to get rid of them.  

If you feel you are in the above-described situation:

  • Please stop taking your essence for now
  • Contact me as soon as possible
  • I will help you get rid of the sabotaging energy

Taking healings and continuing with your essence will not solve your underlying problem but make it worse. Increasing the Light in your system will make the troublesome energy all the more restless, for it doesn’t like the Light, it prefers the shadows. After all,  the Light in your essence is what stirred it up and made it visible.

Our essence vibrations contain Light from the Source and do not expire.

Our Emerald Heart essences contain ca. 30% alcohol, for preservation purposes.

If you prefer, I am happy to provide you with 100% water-based vibrations. Please note that when you touch the dropper of an alcohol-free bottle, you contaminate the contents with bacteria. If the liquid becomes cloudy, it is spoiled, and you will need to get a new bottle. 

You are right. We have 120 plus Emerald Heart essences and they come in different ranges and prices. If you would like to know more or are interested in receiving other essences than the ones on this website, I am happy to provide.

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FAQ – Light Healings

A Divine Plan healing takes between thirty to sixty minutes. Make sure you take at least an hour for your healing; you may need that extra time to assimilate and come round.

You can take as many healings as you like. However, it is important not to push yourself, but to follow your intuition.

Yes, you do need to lie down for about an hour to receive a healing and cover yourself up with a cosy blanket or sheet. Lying down enables you to relax completely. Ideally you enter a deep state of relaxation, like falling asleep. I do not recommend receiving healing in a chair. After an hour, you will most likely wake up with a sore neck from your head falling left and right. Once the healing is over, you will naturally wake up.

The deeper you can relax during a healing, the better you can receive the healing Light and Mary Magdalene’s love and wisdom. Ideally, you enter a deep state of relaxation that seems like sleeping, or even deeper. When the healing Light and energies stop flowing to you, you will naturally wake up.

Some people have difficulties surrendering to the deep state of relaxation. This does not however mean that the healing is not taking place.

Divine Plan healings are no substitute for regular medical treatment, and I do not recommend stopping any medical treatment or prescribed medication. Light Healing is a complementary healing tool which can help stimulate a smooth recovery, as our modality increases self-love and stimulates the self-healing capacity of the body.

If you suffer from deep seated mental issues such as psychosis or psychological disorders, I do not recommend receiving a healing. Your well-being and health are your full responsibility, and this includes the choice of taking a healing of any modality. I cannot be held responsible for any effect of Light Work.

I cannot predict what you will experience during a healing. Each individual responds differently. You can experience all kinds of effects, such as tingling sensations, warm hands, yawning, involuntary muscle twitches, memories surfacing, seeing colours, receiving visions, etc.

A Divine Plan healing continues to work in the following three to four days (or even six weeks if you take the additional Divine Love essence). Perhaps you experience shifts in your actions, such as being very calm and focused. I also often hear about meaningful coincidences taking place in the days after receiving Light Healing.

Sometimes, you can become very warm and/or even extremely cold during a Divine Plan healing. This is absolutely normal, and the effect does not remain.

  • Becoming hot means that the Light is bringing blocked energy in motion.
  • Becoming cold to the bones means that the Light is penetrating frozen aspects of you that you asked to be healed, through your healing intention.
You always receive the healing; you can trust that it never fails. There may be many reasons why you did not feel the healing. The most common reasons are disbelief, resistance, or inner sabotage to receiving a deep and profound experience.

If you are not used to healings or have difficulty feeling in general, you may have to take a few healing sessions before you begin to understand and sense at what subtle level the Light works. For some it works a bit like learning a new language: it is a completely different form of communication.

Another possibility is that you have resistance to feeling in general. If the healing then wants to bring you to your heart and your feelings, you may lock the way, as it were. You can break through this by letting go of control, for example by setting your intention that you allow what wants to happen, or that you trust that what is happening is good. Some people need multiple healings to release their self-protective habit and dare to let go of any resistance to feeling.

In fact, if you have tried Divine Plan healing once, then something inside is calling you to it, so trust that, and continue to experiment.

Feeling tired or a bit shaken up in the 24 to 48 hours after a healing is possible. This indicates that a lot happened energetically – like the clearing out of old energies – and that your systems needs a bit of time to integrate and find a new balance. Take it easy and nap when needed. You should soon feel lighter and happier than before the healing.

In exceptional situations, symptoms do not get any better or even worsen, like in the case of fears or anxiety, in the weeks after the healing. This indicates that there is something going on under the surface that needs looking at. Most likely, the Divine Plan healing has brought a disturbing energy to the surface that does not belong to you. This does not mean that the healing was not successful or that your Divine Love essence doesn’t work, because they are showing you what hinders you and what you need help with.

An energy that does not belong to you can cause all kinds of complaints, of which fears and anxiety are the most common. An essence or a Divine Plan healing are not powerful enough to rid you of such energies, they only help bring them to the surface so you become aware of them and can take action to get rid of them. 

Taking more healings and continuing with your Divine Love essence will not solve your underlying problem. Bringing more Light into your system will make a troubling energy more restless, for it doesn’t like Light. After all, that is the reason why it has come to the surface.

Contact me, as soon as possible and I will help you to get rid of this energy.

In a VIP-healing session, contrary to an In-depth Consultation, I do not read or check your energy system. A healing is mostly for addressing something you would like to change in your life or that you struggle with. After the healing session, you start taking the Divine Love essence, and four weeks later we will do a 10-minute follow-up session to check the outcome of your transformational process and for you to receive extra spiritual guidance.

In an In-depth Consultation of an hour, I read your energy system, check your aura and chakras for any blockages or repair issues, check your grounding, and present the Prime Limiting Factor that hinders your personal and spiritual development. You will also get advice on how to proceed, based on your Higher Self’s guidance. I might advise you to take Emerald Heart essences, a 4-months’ Light Program or both.

This healing system is not related to any religion, nor is it a religion in itself. It brings you into your flow by aligning you with your unique life mission, the reason why you came to Earth, your so called Divine Plan.

The Divine Plan Healing System is ultra-modern and unique.

  • It was given by Mary Magdalene in 2013.
  • Reiki was received around 1920 and opened up many people for healing. The Divine Plan Healing System was given for the 21st century, an era of accelerated personal growth, transformation, and the rise of the Divine Feminine energies.
  • Light healing is different from energy Divine Plan Healing is powered by The Emerald Heart Light, which comes directly from the Source, and therefore it is a Fifth Dimensional Healing System.
  • When you receive a Divine Plan Healing, you not only receive the healing Emerald Heart Light, but also Mary Magdalene’s love and wisdom.
  • The Emerald Heart Light gently opens your heart. It helps you let go of all that is holding you back from your growth, in a gentle but effective way. Divine Plan Healing is therefore extremely suitable for personal transformation. It is not only great for healing yourself and others, but also for empowering you on your true path, aligning you with your unique blueprint, your own divine purpose – your Divine Plan.
  • Mary Magdalene is a powerful aspect of the Divine Feminine Consciousness. In Divine Plan healings she helps you
    • embrace your feminine qualities and connect with Mother Earth
    • create a stronger sense of self-worth and positive feelings about your body
    • balance your feminine and masculine qualities – much needed in the 21st century, an era of accelerated personal growth, transformation, and the rise of the Divine Feminine energies.
  • In Divine Plan healing, we work with the unique Divine Love essence. By taking these drops, you deepen and extend your healing by 6 weeks. No healing system can offer you this value for money.
  • I am a Reiki Master, Theta Healer and graduated at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and my personal experience is that Divine Plan Healing works much faster and deeper.
  • Reiki is a ‘hands on’ healing method where you invite the universal energy from the cosmos to flow through your heart and hands. Divine Plan healing is a system with which you receive healings directly from the Source, without using your hands as a channel. This makes Divine Plan Healing the next level after Reiki.

Yes, it is. I have trained various people with live, online video from Amsterdam, where I am based, to, for instance, England, Switzerland, Guatemala, Australia and New Zealand. I then split the one-day training into two sessions of around 3.5 hours, including breaks.

You will receive everything you need, such as the manual and Divine Love essences to work with, well in advance through the post. The attunement also takes place remotely. After all, time and space do not exist in the Fifth Dimension, and that is the dimension in which we work.

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FAQ – Harriët Kroon

My method is unique for several reasons:

1) I am a Light Worker in the most literal sense of the word. I work with a spiritual Light that comes directly from the Source, The Emerald Heart Light.

2) I am not only a Light Worker but also a Light Carrier, which means that my heart chakra is developed to such an extent that The Emerald Heart Light enters the Earth realm through it.

3) I help everyone remotely and have clients on all continents.

4) With The Emerald Heart Light, I help to remove inner obstacles, and where necessary I repair your energy system, so that it can function optimally. This helps you step into your blueprint and live a happy and fulfilling life.

5) I help you to awaken the unique light in your heart, which has all the questions to your answers about life in general and your life specifically.

6) I walk my talk. I have made the inner journey of healing and becoming whole myself, climbing out of the deepest valleys – I am still evolving –, and therefore I understand the blockages and processes my clients face, like no other.

To reach the level I work at, I have invested an inexpressible amount of time, energy, and money in my spiritual development. I could easily have bought a luxurious car, or a house instead but simply never felt called to do so. My inner urge, my drive, is to grow spiritually and help others attain the peace of mind I now enjoy. I do not live for my work but work for my life.

My main qualifications are, in the order of achievement:

  • Cultural Anthropology (MA)
  • Journalism (Postdoc)
  • Reiki Master
  • Theta Healing Basic DNA
  • Theta Healing Advanced DNA
  • Barbara Brennan School of Healing (Bsc)
  • Healing Tao Instructor
  • Divine Plan Healer
  • Divine Plan Teacher
  • Former Heart of The Divine Plan Healing System
  • Founder of The Divine Plan Healing School
  • Emerald Heart Essence Practitioner
  • Emerald Heart Program Practitioner
  • Principal Light Carrier of The Emerald Heart Light

I have been a healer since 2001, when I received my first Reiki Attunement. I became a Reiki Master, a Theta Healer, and completed five years of training at the internationally renowned Barbara Brennan School of Healing (2011). In 2011 I discovered The Emerald Heart Light and it felt like coming home. Since then, I have had countless trainings and attunements from David Ashworth, spiritual teacher, and the original channel of The Emerald Heart Light. As of 2019, I am one of the two Principal Light Carriers of The Emerald Heart Light. This means that I work at his level.

In 2014 I was asked to bring an ultra-modern healing modality into the world, powered by the Emerald Heart Light and the Love and Wisdom of Mary Magdalene. I had, for six years, the honour of being the Heart of this beautiful and empowering ‘Divine Plan Healing System’. It was incredibly fulfilling to raise it to the level of professional training. In 2016, I founded the global Divine Plan Healing School, and I am still one of the teachers with whom you can be trained as a Divine Plan Healer (online if you wish). Have you ever tried a remote Divine Plan Healing? It is fantastic for finding balance, insights, or support for example. I offer them each Sunday evening as a self-care tool. If you prefer, I also offer VIP-healing sessions with personal guidance.

I am based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. However, I help everyone remotely and have clients and students on all continents.

Apart from healing trainings on location and occasional retreats anywhere in the world, I work remote. This has three main advantages:

1) In remote sessions, our energy fields do not merge, and this enables me to tune in more clearly and give you my very best.

2) You save travel time and money.

3) My experience is that my clients and students receive my work in a deeper way at home, for that is where they are most relaxed and thus most receptive.

By the way, I also offer remote, live healing trainings in case you are interested. You do not need to travel to become a Divine Plan Healer.

By all means. As a therapist I am obliged to act in conformity with the Dutch statutory regulations. The rights and duties of client and professional have been laid down, for example, in the Agreement on Medical Treatment Act (WGBO), the Dutch Healthcare Quality Complaints and Disputes Act (Wkkgz) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, the European law on data protection with effect from 25 May 2018).

  • All my therapies are performed according to the regulations and professional ethics of the VVET (Verbond Van Energetisch Therapeuten), a Dutch professional organisation for energy workers.
  • I am also registered with Quasir(a Dutch centre of expertise for complaints, calamities and disputes in the care and welfare sector).
  • The Divine Plan Healing School is registered with the Dutch Central Registry for Short Professional Education (CRKBO).
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FAQ – In-depth Consultations

During an In-depth Consultation I read your energy system, check your grounding, and stimulate your system’s self-healing abilities. With the help of The Emerald Heart Light – a spiritual light coming directly from the Source – I get access to your main limiting factor. This limitation hinders you in moving forward and is usually an energy block or something broken or torn in your energy system.

In order to dissolve such blocks and repair such defects, I make use of high vibrational essences and Light Programs. I advise you on this and you are free to decide whether or not to accept my treatment proposal.

I cannot ‘fix’ anyone. As a Light Worker and energy therapist, I stimulate your system’s self-healing ability. Sometimes this leads to quick healing and in other situations the healing process can take longer, even years. It all depends on:

  • your intention, and
  • the amount of time you have been having the complaints.

Therefore, I always check subconscious self-sabotage mechanisms and the age of the issue. It goes without saying that an issue that you have been carrying with you for lifetimes can take time to dissolve.

I give all my consultations remotely, as this enables me to tune in to the purest form and offer you the highest quality possible. In addition, distance consultations save you travelling time and costs. I use online video (Skype or Zoom) or telephone for my consultations.

My aim is to empower you with respect to your personal and/or spiritual growth. Your well-being remains, at all times, your own responsibility.

I do not make any medical diagnoses and do not prescribe medication. My Light techniques and essences are not intended as substitutes for medical care or treatment. Should you have physical, psychiatric, or serious psychological complaints, or suspect a serious medical condition, I will advise you to make an appointment with a medical professional. After consulting one or more medical professionals. we will decide whether my support is still desirable.

I do not consider it advisable to stop with any kind of medical treatment you may already have; this also applies to prescribed medication.

My work is complementary to conventional medical care and can therefore be used in addition to it. The essences and Light Programs do not affect the working of conventional medication.

In order to enable us to talk for as long or as short as you need, I charge per minute. The hourly fee for a consultation is 150 euro.

  • Initial consultation

To reserve your appointment, I request a payment of 150 Euro in advance. The initial consultation takes from 1 to 1.5 hour and this amount will be deducted from the final invoice. All subsequent consultations are then paid for after each call.

  • Emerald Heart essences
    I work with various ranges of essences and their individual prices range from 8.61 to 29.98 euro. This does not include shipping costs.
  • Light Programs
    Apart from the self-help Light Programs on this website, I offer three kinds of Light Programs which last twice as long (3 to 4 months). They include a 28-day connection with The Light. The fees are a one-time investment for the duration of the entire program.
  • Emerald Heart Program: 115 euro
  • Wheel of Light Program: 137.50 euro
  • Darshan Program: 160 euro
  • Essence readings
    The essence readings and other informative documents are provided free of charge. 

My sessions are not reimbursed by health care insurers.

To cancel or reschedule, I request a minimum of 48 hours’ notice. The best way to reach me is via email.

If you cancel less than 48 hours from your session, I will need to charge you my hourly rate (150 euro).

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FAQ – Light Transmissions

From the moment you sign up, the Emerald Heart Light flows to you for four weeks, 24 hours a day. The Light flows through all levels of your aura and chakras to uplift and empower you. It indeed also supports you with the theme you have chosen, e.g. ‘Inner Silence’, ‘New Beginnings’ or Hope and Trust’. The Light stops flowing after 28 days and then gradually fades out, having accomplished its mission. You will be supported in total for about eight weeks.

You don’t need to do anything. Once you have registered, The Emerald Heart Light will flow into your heart and energy system for 28 days. To get a good insight of how the Light works, and judge its effects, I would recommend journaling to not lose anything of this transformative experience.

No, you do not have to. However, if you like, you can add the Emerald Heart Light essence to the Light Transmission of your choice. This bottle contains pure Liquid Light and will enhance the overall effect of your 4-week Focused Formula. It is taken three times a day.

Light Transmissions cannot harm you in any way. It is your own Higher Self that decides how much Light your system will take in from the Light Transmission. Your Higher Self will never allow you to receive more than you can handle.

Once the Light has cleared your system of e.g. old energies, negative beliefs, or unwholesome patterns, they are gone. You will feel lighter and happier. These benefits can last your whole life. However, the key is the way in which you live your life. You are responsible for keeping up the newly gained good habits, the positive thinking, and other means of self-care.

The Light flows through all levels of your aura and chakras to uplift and empower you. This can have all kinds of effects and vary per person. Common effects of Light Transmissions are: a deeper connection with Self, increased energy, improved sleep, coincidences/synchronicities, insights, more focus and clarity of mind. Yawning can also be an effect; this shows you are releasing old energies that no longer serve you. Don’t suppress your yawns! 🙂

Do you feel attracted by more than one Light Transmission theme? Do not worry, pick the one that appeals to you the most right now. Try to not decide with your mind, but with your heart (your feelings). Your heart is your compass in life. If you are still struggling to choose, I would be happy to guide you in a free consultation.

Yes of course, but please first ask the person for permission. Offering a Light Transmission to someone is an original and meaningful gift, but everybody is free to decide whether they want to receive healing light. I encourage you to contact me if you feel a need for advice.

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FAQ – Light Jewellery

‘Charged with Light’ means that I charge, fill, each ordered jewellery item with a boost of Emerald Heart Light, so you can carry this healing, heart-opening, and uplifting Spiritual Light with you at all times. The Emerald Heart Light empowers you in many ways:

  • It connects you with the truth of who you are, deep inside the very core of your heart
  • It opens your heart to self-confidence, to living your life mission and becoming one with your blueprint

When you wear Light Jewellery, your energy system will gratefully drink in The Emerald Heart Light your jewellery is charged with. The charge lasts in general for about three months. When your pieces start to feel a bit ‘dull’ or ‘empty’, you can see this is as the sign that the Light has been fully consumed or has faded out.

Note: this ‘emptiness’ has no effect at all on the quality of your emeralds or the silver. The charge of Light is an add-on.

You are welcome to recharge your item(s) as often as you wish. I charge remotely, so you can receive a transmission of Light into your jewellery, anywhere in the world.

The warranty on my jewellery is two years, provided that no traces of harsh handling are visible. Please note that our silver chains are delicate and should be handled with care.

If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your order, you can cancel your purchase within 2 weeks. Return shipments are at the expense of the buyer.

All emeralds are set in solid 925 Sterling silver and finished with a fine layer of Rhodium (sometimes called white gold) to prevent tarnishing. In this way, your jewellery will remain as beautiful year after year.

My emeralds are cultured stones. This means they were cultivated in a laboratory, in a pure environment, ensuring more power than stones found in nature. Being lab grown explains why my emeralds are so pure, without traces of dirt or other insects for example. This purity ensures that they can store an incredible amount of Light.

You are welcome to recharge your item(s) as often as you wish. I charge remotely, so you can receive anywhere in the world a transmission of Light into your jewellery.

I recharge remotely. After purchasing your recharge, simply place your pendant or earrings on a sacred spot in your house, somewhere which feels special to you and where they will not be disturbed, like an altar Then send me an email that your jewellery is ready for receiving The Emerald Heart Light. I will reply and let you know when I have started the transmission of The Emerald Heart Light.  It will take 24 hours for your jewellery to be fully infused with The Light.

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Still have questions?

If you are new to Light Work it can be difficult to know if it’s right for you or how it can benefit you.

If you are ready for a happier and fulfilling life, get a 20 minute Discovery Consultation, costless and without any obligation.

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