Today I gave my first Divine Plan Group Healing. Three persons had signed up and as I held the event in my living room, it was fully booked J. I found it interesting that all 3 participants had never heard of the Emerald Heart Light nor Divine Plan Healings before. They had found my event on the calendar on my website as they each searched with different key words.

Individual targets

Last month Guidance had shown me the way to do Group Healings with individual targets. So this is what I wanted to practise. Of course I knew it would work, as in Divine Plan Healings the healing goes directly from the Source to the recipient and does not ‘travel’ via me, but I needed to see and experience it for myself. Today was the big day. I am really grateful that these 3 people (2 woman and 1 man) trusted me unconditionally that what I would offer would be beneficial to them.

They were very eager to let go of patterns that did not serve them anymore and were hindering their lives. It took quite some time to formulate the exact individual targets. One person wanted to let go of all blockages that prevented her being happy. I had to explain her that the result of a healing with such a multifaceted target would be too overwhelming. I helped her to find a more specific target.

Gentle and subtle

She reminded me of one of my Divine Plan Students, who was always overwhelmed by her personal process and wondered why. She thought the Divine Plan Healings were too strong for her. Then we found out that she had the habit to do self-healings on a group of targets. So it was her who invited the Light to work on all her issues at the same time. I feel I need to address formulating healing targets more specifically in my Divine Plan Trainings and will write a piece about it which can be added to the manual(s).

During today’s Group Healing each recipient had different experiences. One lady felt that ‘somebody’ was standing next to her, another lady felt that something was taken out of her body and the man was astonished how gentle and subtle the healing was compared to the shamanic work he has done. They all were deeply touched in their own way. I am looking forward to hear their feedback in four weeks’ time, when they have finished their Divine Love essence. Right now this essence will continue their transformational journey that started today with their Group Healing.

‘The Light came from Jezus’

There were 2 things that touched me deeply after the healing. First the 2 red tulips that one of the participants brought for me were completely opened by the energy of the healing. Two hours earlier they were still fully closed. My mouth fell open when I saw the result and immediately made a picture of them. I wish I could show you a picture from before as well. You would have seen an ‘extreme make over’ of tulips J.

The second thing that brought tears in my eyes was what one of the ladies had seen. This is what she said: ‘Harriët, when you spoke with us before the Divine Plan Group Healing, I saw a golden stray of light at the back of your body penetrating your heart. It went through your heart and then flowed towards us. I looked behind you, to see where it came from. There I saw a card on your altar with the image of Jesus. The Light came out of that card.’

Harriët Kroon, Amsterdam

Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlighenment