Discover & Develop your Hara Line

The secret to focus and positive intention

It is of utmost importance, in these times of societal change, of betrayal of Mother Earth, and of inner woundings urging to be healed, to be able to stay focused and aligned with your own life purpose.

If you feel challenged in staying the captain of your own ship, your Hara Line needs attention. Without a strong Hara Line, it is impossible to sail in the right direction, YOUR direction.

Did you know that Hara Alignment is also a great tool to step out of overwhelming emotions and inner drama?
You enter the neutral and silent dimension within yourself.

Discover your Hara Line

What is the Hara Line?

The Hara Line is a vertical dimension situated in the centre of your body, between Heaven and Earth.

It is a dimension beyond your aura and chakras, and represents your intention.

It is the foundation on which your aura and chakras are formed.

It represents your intention. If your Hara Line is wobbly, your course will by definition be wobbly too. If your Hara Line is distorted, it will be impossible for you to stay on track, no matter how hard you try.

A strong and developed Hara Line frees you from
allows you to live a focused and successful life;
and helps you to stay away from inner drama.

What’s included in the training?

In this 3 hour online,
experiential training,
you will learn:

Hara Line Online Workshop
  • How to connect with your Hara Line

  • How to discern which part of your Hara Line needs attention

  • How to develop your Hara Line

You will receive
4 free extras:

Pure Power of Intention
  • 3 Hours of being in the uplifting and empowering Emerald Heart Light

  • A free bottle of The Emerald Heart Light essence vibration ‘The Pure Power of Intention’ (value: 29.98 euro) to help you develop your Hara Line

  • Free delivery of the essence by post for no additional postage fee

  • Extensive explanatory e-Book for self-practice

Prerequisites for this training

  • A basic understanding of and connection with your chakras and aura

  • Experience with chakra or aura work is helpful

  • Minimum age: 18 years

How will this training be given?

One-to-one training

This is an online training with Harriët that requires active participation.

When: On request.
We will choose mutually convenient dates

Length: 3 Hours in total, consisting of three slots of approximately one hour

How: Three sessions via Zoom-video

Fee: €295

Please plan for each slot at least 30 minutes extra to let yourself fully integrate this healing and ‘wholing’ training.

The essence vibration ‘The Pure Power of Intention’ will be sent before the training. Please do not start taking it until after the first session.

Hara Line healing workshop


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Harriët Kroon -Spiritual Teacher

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