People often ask me what a spiritual light is, because working with light is relatively new – working with ENERGY is more common in the world of healing arts. Rather than again trying to put it into words, I would like to share with you a great documentary in which an Avatar explains what Spiritual Light is.

Mother Meera
An Avatar is a person that has come to earth in a fully enlightened state to serve humanity. Mother Meera, Sai Baba and Adi Da Samraj are (or were) Avatars. Mother Meera travels around the world to offer Darshan, a Divine Blessing to anyone who wishes to receive. The life mission of an Avatar on earth is to guide humanity out of their state of suffering.

The Mary Magdalene Light
As you probably know, I myself work with two distinct but complementary Spiritual Lights: the Emerald Heart Light and The Mary Magdalene Light. They each represent an aspect of the Christ Light. I am NOT enlightened at all and by far NOT an Avatar LoL,  but with the help of my spiritual teacher David Ashworth (the original channel of The Emerald Heart Light) I developed the capacity to access Spiritual Light. I offer Spiritual Light to you in healings, private consultations, Light Transmissions etc.

Unique, private footage
Currently a documentary about the life of Avatar Adi Da Samraj  (1939-2008) is shown in cinemas all over the world. It seems humanity is ready for it, the film is popular. In unique and private footage you will see Adi Da in all stages of his life. By just watching this film you will receive teachings from him about Light (‘The Bright’) and for certain Darshan.

Conscious Light
This magical film is called ‘Conscious Light. The Divine Light and Revelation of Avatar Adi Da Samraj’ and you can REGISTER NOW for online screenings in different time zones.

  • Sun. 8 September: online screening for the UK and Europe
  • Wed. 11 September: online screening for Australia and New Zealand

If you can’t make it one of these days, I recommend you register for the newsletter so you can watch and receive on another date.

The film is not out on a dvd yet, that will take a few more years.

Serving humanity with Light is my life mission too, and I would be very interested to receive your feedback on this documentary.

Enjoy watching and receiving.

With love,
~ Harriët

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