* The 22 RAYS *
An Extraordinary Spiritual Email Program

December can be a challenging month. Would you like to fill your December days with Healing Light? Then The 22 RAYS of The Mary Magdalene Light is for you!

Each morning, from 1-22 December, you receive an email that delivers The Ray of The Day, one unique quality of The Mary Magdalene Light. So you can participate anywhere in the world. As soon as you open the email, your heart will receive a boost of uplifting and Healing Light!

Like an advent calendar, our email program will build up  to the 22nd of December when you will receive The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission as a free bonus.

The 22 RAYS represent the 22 Qualities of The Mary Magdalene Light. Each day one beam will be addressed and you’ll be amazed how that joyful quality will then surface in your own daily life for you to see, wonder and embrace.

More details on our web page.

With love,
~ Harriët