I was already in bed but I feel I can’t sleep until I have shared my weekend with you… It was full on, quite exhausting really.

Thursday, the first day of the Light Transmission there were a lot of tears that needed to be shed, a lot of old grief wanted to leave the system. The theme of the day seemed to be Cleansing.

Earth Angel

Then on Friday, the morning of the New Moon, the Equinox and the start of the 13 Moons of Transformation, first of all I received confirmation about why I do not only feel different but also am different. I am a bit embarrassed to share but I am an Incarnated Angel… I have known this for a while, but the confirmation I got and some previous reading in the book Earth Angels suddenly enabled me to embrace this fact. Self-acceptance happened to be the theme of yesterday.

Yesterday morning I went to the beach to experience the solstice surrounded by sand and water, and there I sunk into a deep experience of more than an hour in which I became one with the elements of water and earth. I was guided to let go of my Superego (the internalised negative voices from childhood) which was all about self-hatred. The ritual of letting go ended in the transformation of the Superego into an Internal Friend (instead of the usual Internal Enemy) who wants the best for me! It was an incredible experience and since then every time I look in the mirror I see someone who accepts me instead of hates me.

Magical reward

Immediately after this transformation happened the thick grey blanket of clouds broke open and I was shown the eclipse! It was a magical reward for my letting go.

At home I had to lay on the sofa to integrate what happened and received an amazing dream about how to be guided by nature. The evening I was so lucky to share with two beautiful women who are also participating in the 13 Moons. We tuned into the Divine Mother Meditation and went unconscious. I felt a powerful change happening in the womb area, which I am not ready to share yet.

The next day, today, was filled with wonders again. While I was walking through town my belly was suddenly connected with the star I come from. I have no idea what star it is and I did not even know that I come from a certain star, but it felt so right. It was like coming home and very aligning. Wow, it is so relieving to be connected with where you come from! I never understood how people could connect with their family members or the ground where they are born, but now I am suddenly able to understand this, thanks to the star connection which was given to me.

Modelling clay

In the afternoon I felt a lot of grief coming out of my womb which needed to be expressed. The modelling clay that I put away 8 years ago, was still good and I healed my womb by expressing the grief in clay.

And then last but not least the last few days I felt nauseous whenever I tuned in to my womb, I felt there was an entity seated. I am on an overnight clearance now to take this dark energy away.

Gosh, I can’t believe this all happened in only 3 days. And this is only the start of the 13 Moons cycle! Thank you David Ashworth for bringing this Transformational Journey into my life!

Going horizontal now.

Harriët Kroon, Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

21 March 2015