Mary Magdalene, a role model


The other day I saw the movie “Mary Magdalene”. It is the story of the last part of Jesus’ life, witnessed through the eyes of a woman, a very welcome angle in this day and age. The film gives you a good feel for what the life of this woman, Jesus’ closest disciple must have been like. As in 2014 the Divine Plan Healing System was gifted to me through the consciousness of Mary Magdalene, I was very keen to see this movie. It was a relief to see an interpretation of her life story which does not place her in the role of a sinful woman or a prostitute. Not that I have anything against prostitutes – I truly believe that without their profession there would be a lot more sexual crimes against women.



Mary from the village of Magdala is portrayed as a normal being who wishes to follow the longings in her heart. The film gives you a good insight into the immense courage and heart pain it must have taken a woman from about 2000 years ago to step into her life purpose, in a world that was completely dominated by men who saw women as the carrier of the family honour. Many women all over the world will be able to relate to her life journey – I can for sure. I remember the excruciating heart pain caused by the blame of bringing shame to my family when I decided not follow the path that my father had drawn out for me. Also, my mother’s father could not see the value of school education for his daughter, for her destiny was the kitchen. In what year were women valued as good enough to vote in your country? I bet it wasn’t that long ago.



It is interesting that the initiative for the Mary Magdalene movie was already set before the current pope Francis put her on a par with the other apostles. In a decree of the third of June 2016 he raised the liturgical celebration honouring St. Mary Magdalene from a memorial to a feast, and she is now hailed as the apostle to the apostles. It is very remarkable that pope Francis decided to set Mary Magdalene in a greater light, 1427 years after pope Gregory identified her as a prostitute. I wonder what brought Francis to publish his decree, he did not have to take this step.



In recent decades more and more people seem to hear the calling of Mary Magdalene’s consciousness and act upon it. All over the world, I see men and women starting to connect with her Divine Feminine Consciousness. In many countries books are being published by local authors to purify her name. Ever more people have begun to channel her teachings. Several of my students who received one or more Divine Plan attunements, have started to connect with her rather easily. And what to think about the Da Vinci Code, Dan Browne’s international bestseller (2003) which was also a hit as a movie (2006), an attractive conspiracy theory about Mary Magdalene, the church and her offspring?



Mary Magdalene is a role model for all women who long to find their individual path and live their life’s mission. Her life is one of overcoming existential fears, of listening to the voice in the heart, of courage and faith. Whether you are a man or a woman, let this breath-taking and heart opening movie be inspiring to you. We all have an individual blueprint, a Divine Plan. Our life’s journey is all about finding and living it.



Have you ever thought about how Mary Magdalene fulfilled her life’s mission after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, where the film ends? According to oral history she crossed the Mediterranean Sea in a refugee boat and arrived safely in the South of France. There she lived and taught her spiritual teachings for decades. In that area her energies and those of the Divine Mother are still very tangible.



Last year she guided me to offer a Divine Plan Retreat there. I have taken action upon this and it will take place from 9-14th June. Her consciousness will be present to support you to deepen your connection with the Divine Feminine qualities in yourself. You will also receive the Divine Plan Healing Training to become more deeply connected with your life purpose. I have just a few places left and I would love to offer them to you so that you can join with us in her Divine presence.


Harriët Kroon, 25 March 2018