The time has come for me to combine her two main loves and sources of inspiration: Healing Tao (taoistic chi kung) and the Emerald Heart Light. She shares the process of giving birth to her new baby.

In the last few months of the past year I felt the calling coming up. My Guidance was whispering that I should mix Healing Tao and Emerald Heart Light and bring this into the world. But I wondered how I should do this? So every time I felt a little inspiration coming through, I made some notes in a notebook that I called my Emerald Heart Chi Kung Book.

Last December my mind told me that the new school year, starting September 2015, would be a good moment to start something new. But then during the Emerald Heart retreat in Lanzarote, this January, I felt the pressure building up in me. I could not plan this inspired gift in the future anymore; it had to be offered this Spring… I wondered what to do and then in my little Emerald Heart Chi Kung Book I found that in December I was already given three workshop themes. How interesting that my mind was still wondering what to do.

Monkey mind

As soon as I had returned from Lanzarote, the knowing came that the spiritual bodywork events had to take place before the end of June. I pondered about the dates, picked three Sunday mornings in March, May and June, rented a space and sent out my newsletter. To my surprise the very first event was fully booked within a week’s time. Reflecting back, I see my monkey mind was playing with me, making worries and creating a fear of not having participants – of course there will be participants when Guidance asks you to organize events!

What do we do in an Emerald Heart Chi Kung event? First I request the Emerald Heart Light through the Path of Light. Whilst we bathe in the Light, we do gentle exercises to open the physical and energetic bodies. Each workshop has a specific theme. The first one was about becoming more aware of our physical and energetic bodies. The upcoming event (3rd of May) will focus on Grounding, because for safe spiritual development we need to be connected to Mother Earth. In the third event we will work on opening the heart. After each workshop, all participants receive an Emerald Heart essence to take home. This specific Key of Liquid Light will then support them around the theme we worked on.


The feedback after the March event was heart-warming. ‘The combination feels so right, this is what I have been waiting for,’ said a lady. Another woman was in tears of gratefullness. A few others contacted me afterwards. The Light had opened their heart at a deeper level, and had brought important information about themselves to the surface.

It is so wonderful to make people happy and more connected with themselves. The Emerald Heart Light is such a fantastic tool to help us transform to a much more fulfilling life. I am really grateful for what it has done for me and where it has brought me. A year ago I would have never thought that I would be able to combine my two loves. If I had stuck to my monkey mind it would have never happened.

Harriët Kroon, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

PS You are very welcome to attend any of my workshops. They are in Dutch and take place in Amsterdam.

For information and registration:, mob. +31 (0)6 4645 8763.