27dec2015.grotemarkt.haarlemHow should I mark the evening of the 31st of December? Should the night be celebrated as the last evening of the year or as the herald for the New Year? The outlook of some clients showed me the way.

Tomorrow will be the last day of 2015. In my mother tongue Dutch we call the last evening of the year Old Year’s Evening (Oudejaarsavond), but the English speakers call it New Year’s Eve. What’s in a name? The English wording invites me to celebrate the last evening of the year with my focus on the future: a new year, full of new opportunities to learn, love, laugh and live my truth. On the other hand, the Dutch naming Old Year’s Evening invites me to use the last evening of the year to evaluate the past 365 days: what did I do, what happened and what has the Universe reflected back to me? The difference in connotations made me wonder how to celebrate tomorrow evening, the 31st of December 2015.

Two inspiring clients

Recently I had two clients who made me realize how important it is to keep reminding ourselves of our achievements, instead of only focussing on what we would like to happen in the future. One is a lady of about 50 years old and the other a teenager. They each were on a Light Program of 4 months to repair damages in their energy systems and to work on some personal issues also. Every month during this period, they each had a follow up consultation to check how they were progressing and to see what issue we could address next. Their similar way of dealing with their progress struck me.

In each follow up session both the lady and the teenager were not able to acknowledge the amazing results we had achieved. The disappearance of feelings of anxiety; the remarkable changes in unhealthy behaviour patterns; their feelings of being more grounded and centered; their stronger sense of self; the positive feedback from family members who all witnessed these great changes – it was all passed over. They both could only focus on what they still wanted to work on.

Being happy in the now

I know being on the spiritual path of self-development can be quite a journey of speedy transformation. As soon as we are freed from old and painful stuff, the next layer of ‘darkness’ can open up in an instant, begging for cleansing. Our systems can be so immensely eager to let go of all that does not serve us any longer, that we easily forget to acknowledge what we have just achieved and give thanks. If we only focus on what we still would like to clear or change in ourselves, we forget to be happy in the now. In order to be able to feel satisfaction, to be proud of ourselves, and to have a sense of moving forward, we need to acknowledge the steps of personal growth that we have just accomplished.

My two clients, so different in age but so similar in their eagerness to move forward that they forgot to be happy in the now, made me realize how I want to use the last evening of 2015. To be able to celebrate the New Year on its Eve, I will first need to close off the Old Year by looking back. I will start New Year’s Eve by embracing the Dutch word Oudejaarsavond. At Old Year’s Evening I will celebrate what I have learned, what made me laugh and love, and what I was able to contribute to the world in 2015.

The tiniest ones also count

No matter how difficult our lives can be, each day we all learn something on our path of personal growth. Every new day we are offered opportunities to learn, laugh and love. And so we are offered opportunities to celebrate new achievements, no matter what size they are, the tiniest ones also count. Old Year’s Evening is a splendid opportunity to celebrate all the steps we have made in our personal development. And then a sense of pride and fulfilment can fill our hearts – to me that will be the turning point where Oudejaarsavond melts into New Year’s Eve. It is from that moment onwards that I will be able to fully embrace and celebrate the dawning New Year, fully confident of the things to come.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and loving 2016!

With Love,