Radiant emerald stud earrings in silver, 2 sizes


Charged with The Emerald Heart Light

Simply wear our eye-catching, multifaceted emerald earrings to always have the support of The Emerald Heart Light with you. They are charged with this uplifting Spiritual Light that gently opens your heart and evolves your consciousness. Their eye-catching radiance brings a special touch to your appearance. Beautiful inside and out and profoundly beneficial.

  • The Emerald Heart Light helps to open your heart
  • This Light connects you to the essence of your being, deep inside the core of your heart
  • The emerald gemstone promotes authenticity, honesty, openness in relationships and harmony with nature
  • This gemstone soothes, cleanses, and brings inner-quiet

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‘These emerald earrings carry a lovely vibration’

‘The emerald earrings I received are of particularly good quality crystal. They have a lovely delicate colour, but best of all is the lovely vibration they carry. When I am not wearing them, I hang them on small angels at my window and they beam in beautiful rainbows when the sun catches them.’

Annette, Scotland
Designed for long-lasting enjoyment

All eye-catching, multifaceted gemstones are set in solid 925 Sterling silver and finished with a fine layer of Rhodium (sometimes called white gold) to prevent tarnishing. In this way your jewellery will retain its beauty, year after year.

Nourished in a pure environment

Our emeralds are cultured. This means they were cultivated in a laboratory, in a pure environment. Therefore, they are purer than stones found in nature. Their purity enables them to store an incredible amount of Light.


I process and ship orders as quickly as possible. Please allow for between 2-4 weeks (maximum) for overseas delivery (I am based in the Netherlands). Express shipping is possible on request and at an additional cost. Contact me for details.


The warranty on my jewellery is two years, provided that no traces of harsh handling are visible. Please note that our silver chains are delicate and should be handled with care.