Heart of The Earth Mother Attunement


Grounding Process

Are you yearning for a deeper connection with the Earth Mother?

‘The Heart of The Earth Mother Attunement’ activates an invitation to the Heart of the Earth Mother. She then responds and connects with your heart, which is her blessing upon you. This attunement will develop over approximately three years in a gentle way.

It is highly suitable for anybody who would like to improve their grounding.


  • Develops your grounding
  • Develops your connection to nature and your environment
  • Helps you attune to the natural cycles
  • Helps you build a natural relationship with plants and animals
  • Allows you to feel more at one with Mother Earth and nature

If you sign up for this grounding process, you will get an initial consultation first, to assess your system and your potential to receive this Attunement. This session and the attunement have separate fees. For more in-depth information, see below.

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The Process to follow

Step 1 – Initial consultation

  • Review of the whole energy system
  • Assess your potential to receive an Attunement
  • Investment: approximately a 1-hour online consultation (175 euro, incl. VAT)
  • Receive The Emerald Heart Light essence as a gift (value: 25.51 euro)

If during our initial consultation we find that your energy system needs any preparation work, we can discuss the investment at that point.

Step 2 – Attunement into the Heart of the Earth Mother

Optional – Follow-up consultation, a month after your attunement
A follow-up consultation includes:

  • A review of your energy system
  • A review of your experiences with the Attunement
  • Your questions that may have arisen

Investment: approximately a 1-hour online consultation (175 euro, incl. VAT)

Additional information


Essence bottle by post €32,95, Alcohol-free essence bottle by post €32,95, Transmission of the essence vibration (no postage) €25,51

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