VIP-Light Healing with Guidance


Includes personal intake and Divine Love Essence

Are you looking for support, insight and clarity? Receive an exclusive Divine Plan distant healing from the former Heart of The Divine Plan Healing System and Founder of The Divine Plan Healing School. We will set the date and time at your convenience.

A VIP-healing includes:

  • The Divine Love essence (value €25.51 euro) to prolong and deepen your healing by six weeks
  • Package and postage
  • A ten-minute personal intake session (by online video or telephone), just before your healing
  • The remote Divine Plan healing of 45 to 60 minutes
  • A ten-minute follow-up meeting, four weeks later


Payment in Euros only, the Currency Converter buttons show a rough estimate in US Dollars and British Pounds.



‘I feel alive again and happy amidst challenges’

‘I can’t believe how effective your Divine Plan healing is. You are truly amazing. I feel alive again and happy! I wonder why it was so difficult to be positive and in this state on my own. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am astonished at my sudden lack of irritation and anger. So many bad things are happening – I am a victim of credit card fraud, there is sewer water leaking into the apartment, many bad things are happening with the landlord, etc. But somehow, I am so calm! What did you do to me? Anyway, thank you so much.’

Nina, USA

‘Clarity on who I am and in which direction to go’

‘Two months ago, I had a Divine Plan healing to gain self-confidence and faith in my future. Now I feel much clearer on who I am and in which direction I want to move. I also had a lot of fights with my younger sisters. Our father passed away many years ago and they still want me to be their father, whereas they are in their twenties. To my own surprise I was able to tell them that I am not their father and cannot carry the burden of all the problems they create for themselves. The day after I thought: “Was this hard to say? No, it wasn’t!” I can stick to my truth and my way of life now and it is much easier than I thought.’

Mirón, The Netherlands

‘The healing assisted in a smooth recovery’

‘Having received a long-distance Divine Plan healing session from Harriët for a medical procedure I had just had, I was very aware of a presence around me that seemed gentle, yet powerful. I could feel it entering to my very core over the course of around an hour. The next day, I felt a considerable shift in general well-being and renewed inner energy and I am sure that the healing greatly assisted in what otherwise would not have been such a smooth recovery.’

Iain, England

‘No jet lag symptoms after flying from Europe to Australia’

‘A long-distance healing from Harriët to remedy the signs and symptoms of a jet lag following a flight from Europe to Australia defied all expectations! I have done many long-distance flights all round the world and am very familiar with the subsequent jet lags. Following this particular flight, Harriët sent a healing for my first night back in Australia. Amazingly, I slept right through the first, and all subsequent nights, and felt active and awake throughout the days. My partner, who was not with me on this trip but is also used to jet lags, even commented on how fit I was and remarked that I seemed to be in better condition than him! Needless to say, a healing with Harriët will be high on the list for my next long-distance flight.’

J.F., Australia

‘My writer’s block dissolved’

‘I had an enormous blockage around writing. I wanted to change my consciousness around writing and enjoy the whole process, including publishing, and took a Divine Plan healing with Harriët. My next article was less hard to write than usual. Later I felt real joy starting to write my blog. Now I even feel excited about the freedom of writing anything I choose, as I found out that maybe I want to write about many different things.’

Yvonne, Germany

‘Your healing helped me quit smoking!’

‘My smoking addiction is over. I certainly feel that your healing session has helped, even more than the accompanying Divine Love drops – I just finished the essence bottle –, although it is difficult to judge what does what. I am so super happy that it worked out. It’s still not easy. Nightmares, restlessness, intestinal complaints, anger … it all comes up. But this time I know I can deal with it. I’m going to keep it up. Thanks for the effective treatment.’

Maria, The Netherlands

‘My aching heart received a crystalline rose’

‘During the Divine Plan healing my heart started to ache tremendously. I then received a large crystalline white rose in my heart. It was so special as such a rose stands for the Light of Christ. The pain stopped immediately. My healing’s target was “letting go of drama”. I got into a deeply relaxed state of being and received the words “There is no drama. Drama does not exist”. So true. And you know Harriët, when I woke up from the healing and saw you sitting there, I saw that you have Mary’s vibration.’

Anniemiek, The Netherlands

‘The Light from your heart comes from Jesus’

‘Harriët, before you gave the Divine Plan healing, I saw a golden beam entering your heart from behind your body. It reached me through your heart. I looked behind you, to see where it was coming from. Then I saw an image of Jesus. The Light was coming from Him.’

Francesca, The Netherlands

‘I am calmer in my head and lead a more active life’

‘Five weeks ago, I received a Divine Plan healing from you, and really enjoyed the afterglow. My head has calmed down and I have started to lead a more active life. The target of the healing was “daring to let life force and joy of life flow”. That is exactly what happened, isn’t that wonderful? At the same time, I also feel the need to be quiet and meditate, I try to make time for that every day. Thanks again!’

Tina, Germany
How it works: Almost too easy to believe!

1) Sign up and give your healing intention some thought.

2) I will contact you to find the best date and time for our session.

3) I will send you the Divine Love essence.

4) At the set day and time, we will first speak about the most appropriate healing intention for you at this time in your life. You will then cover yourself with a blanket or sheet, relax and receive the Emerald Heart Light and Mary Magdalene’s love and wisdom.

5) Once we are finished, you will start taking your Divine Love essence and send me an email about your experience.

6) Four weeks after our healing, we will speak again so I can offer more insight and guidance.

How to use your Divine Love Essence

1) Take three tiny drops, three times a day, in a little water: when you get up in the morning, halfway through your day and when you go to bed at night. If you order an alcohol-free bottle, take only two tiny drops each time. (Alcohol-free drops are bigger.)

2) Continue taking the essence until your bottle is empty, in order to gain the full effects.

Essence Reading

Click here to download the Essence Reading to learn more about the meaning and creation of this Light Essence.

The specifics of the Divine Love essence vibration

This 10ml Light Essence contains The Emerald Heart Light, other healing frequencies, water, and ca. 30% alcohol for preservation – unless you opt for the alcohol-free version.

  • Our essences do not interfere with homeopathy or any other medication.

  • Emerald Heart essences are not intended to replace medical care and/or medication from a qualified health practitioner.

In the case of a no-show

In the case of a cancellation within 48 hours of our appointment, I will need to charge my hourly rate (150 euro).

My sessions are not reimbursed by health care insurers.

Do you suffer from deep seated mental issues?

I do not recommend receiving a healing if you are suffering from deep seated mental issues such as psychosis or psychological disorders. Your well-being and health are your full responsibility, and this includes choosing to take a healing of any modality.

Uncertain? Take a free Discovery Call

If you would like to discuss your needs or concerns prior to booking a VIP-Light Healing, why not take advantage of a costless Discovery Call. I would be happy to connect via telephone or online video (Zoom/Skype). A Discovery Call lasts approximately 20 minutes and does not include any of my services. This is a great opportunity to understand how I work and what you can expect.

Book Free 20-Minute Consultation

Once you have made your purchase, please check your inbox for the order confirmation. It has downloadable instructions on how to take your essence, how to prepare a bottle to receive if you have opted for the transmission option, and also a link to a PDF of the essence reading. If you do not receive that email, please check your spam folder. And otherwise contact me.

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Additional information

Payment options

One remote healing, this Sunday evening at 8pm €14.95, Multiple remote healings. Book five subsequent Sunday evening healings, and get one for free, making six in total €74.75, Multiple remote healings. Book ten subsequent Sunday evening healings, and receive two for free, making it twelve in total €149.50

Optional: Divine Love essence to prolong and deepen your healing by six weeks

No Essence, Essence bottle, (sent by post) €32,95, Alcohol-free essence bottle (sent by post) €32,95, Transmission of the essence vibration (no postage needed) €25,51

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