Free yourself from inner blockages

Receive remote Light Healing, easily and effectively

Are you seeking a happy and fulfilling life, but unexpected inner blockages such as negative beliefs and limiting fears are holding you back? Remote Light Healing is a highly practical and easy-to-use tool, to help you let go of all that which no longer serves you.

You can set any intention for your distant healing. If you do not have a specific healing intention, you can always receive a healing for your higher good – the Light will know what you need most at that moment.

Light Healings are great for:

  • Finding balance and harmony

  • Clearing and revitalising your energy system

  • Letting go of negative beliefs

  • Obtaining clarity on direction or existential questions

  • Gaining more self-confidence and self-worth

  • Connecting with your blueprint and life missions(s)

In general terms, Light Healing empowers you at all levels. Each healing will – on top of your intention – always connect you deeper with your heart, your blueprint and your unique individual life mission, in other words with your personal Divine Plan.

All my healings and consultations are given remotely and enable you to:

  • Save on travel expenses and time

  • Receive them anywhere in the world

  • Access enhanced healing as at home you are relaxed, thus more receptive to healing

Self-care with Mary Magdalene’s love and wisdom

My Light Healings are from an ultra-modern and magical healing modality called ‘The Divine Plan Healing System’. This was gifted by Mary Magdalene in 2013 for the current transformational times that we are facing, to help you live a happy and fulfilling life. With each Divine Plan Healing, you will receive, not only the transformative Emerald Heart Light but also Mary Magdalene’s love and wisdom!

Divine Plan healing is an excellent tool for self-care, self-help and self-healing.

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For six years I was, besides being a Divine Plan healer and teacher, the Heart of the Divine Plan Healing System and in 2015 I founded the global Divine Plan Healing School. If you are looking for healing, you are in excellent hands.

Remote Sunday Light Healing

Remote Light Healing, this Sunday

Set any healing intention

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VIP Healing session with Harriët

VIP-Light Healing with Guidance

Includes personal intake and Divine Love essence

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In-Depth Healing Consultation

In-depth Consultation with Grouding Analysis

Discover and dissolve your Prime Limiting Factor

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Become a Divine Plan Healer

Divine Plan Healing Training

Become a Divine Plan Healer

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How healings have helped others

‘An uplifting waterfall of crystalline energy’

‘My first Divine Plan Healing was a wonderful experience. The energy started to penetrate deeply, and I became very relaxed. It felt like a waterfall of crystalline energy. I set no target other than to surrender to what I needed at this moment. Today the energy is moving to different areas and I feel a blessing and upliftment.’

Annette, Scotland

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Unsure which healing would serve you best? Then let us have a 20-minute talk, no costs or further obligations involved. Together we can explore your needs and concerns.

I take a no-nonsense approach to serve your desire for positive change.

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