Wonderful Workshops for Self-Support

Empower Yourself with Practical Techniques

I love teaching techniques that empower.

The aim of my workshops is to enable you to support yourself through the challenges of daily life.

Currently, I teach two practical techniques:

  • LEARN HOW TO DOWSE – for finding the right answers

  • DISCOVER & DEVELOP YOUR HARA LINE – the secret to focus and positive intention

Which one appeals the most to you?

Discover and develop your Hara Line

Discover & Develop
your Hara Line

The secret to focus and
positive intention

One-to-one training
On request

With free essence vibration
and e-Book


Learn how to dowse workshop

Learn How to Dowse

1.5 hour one-to-one
online workshop

On request

With hand-out
and free booklet


What others say about working with Harriët

‘I appreciate your loving care’

‘Dear Harriët, thank you so much for the wonderful training. I am very grateful for your work with me, it was a wonderful and powerful experience, and I appreciated the depth and strength of the attunement, the detailed attention you give to everything, and your loving care.’

Alyss, England

‘Harriët is an advanced spiritual teacher’

‘For every “Principal Light Carrier” of The Emerald Heart Light, there are many hundreds who could not find the courage to make the inner transformations necessary to work at such a high level. For those seeking a true spiritual path, it is a great honour to be guided by Harriët, someone who has walked the path within the Light of The Emerald Heart and attained such an exalted position. She is truly a very advanced spiritual teacher with a highly developed energy system, capable of carrying the Light into this world.’

David Ashworth, original channel of The Emerald Heart Light, United Kingdom

‘Knowing that Harriët is there, feels reassuring’

‘Harriët has been a wonderful and generous mentor and has clearly contributed to how my process unfolded. It feels encouraging and reassuring to know that she is there.’

B., United Kingdom

‘You are a great teacher’

‘I want to thank you for bringing light and Divine Plan Healing into my life, and for all your advice and support. You are a great teacher, Harriët. God Bless.’

Micky, United Kingdom

‘She is a thorough spiritual teacher who walks the talk’

‘Knowing Harriët as a friend and colleague for many years, I can confirm that she is a thorough, passionate and most supportive spiritual teacher who really walks the talk and can assist and guide you in many ways.’

Yvonne, Germany
Harriët Kroon -Spiritual Teacher

Still have questions?

Do you want to ask all the questions you have and see if and how my work can serve you? Then let us have a free 30-minute talk with no further obligations involved. Together we can explore your needs and concerns.

I take a no-nonsense approach to serve your desire for positive change.