Life-changing experiences with our e-mail program ‘The 22 Rays’ 

Chaotic times are wake up calls for what is really important. Right now,  governments are panicking about the economic consequences of many people getting ill simultaneously. Should we really go into fear about low economy figures when people are suffering from a virus? Can’t we instead trust of a positive outcome and be compassionate with the ill? Can we love ourselves and the transmitter if we catch the corona virus, like how we tend to behave around a regular flu?

At this time in history, humanity may learn that living on planet earth is not about money, figures and economy. Instead, our lives are about developing compassion and love, and becoming aware that Self-Love is a prerequisite for the ability to feel true compassion and love for others. Of course we need money to survive and live a fulfilling life, but considering money as the main value in life is as extreme as the distorted versions of self-love: egocentrism and narcissism.

Of course I hope that you and your loved ones don’t get the coronavirus, but if you do, I wish you a quick recovery. As the Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System, I can’t
help myself mentioning (distant) Divine Plan Healingswe have good recovery results with physical problems. Of course Divine Plan Healing cannot be used as an alternative to regular medical care, but it sure can help with a smooth recovery, for our modality increases self-love and stimulates the self-healing capacity of the body.

Feeling worthy
Self-Love is deeply related to worthiness. How would you estimate your self-esteem? Do you feel worthy enough to invest in your personal and spiritual development? My personal experience is that the more I invest in my own growth, the better citizen of the world I become. Caring for myself builds self-esteem, self-worth and self-love, which then reflects back into society with deeds and gestures of compassion and love. 

Heart opener
Actually, opening hearts and bringing Love into the world is my main life task. You might already know that I work with two sources of infinite unconditional Divine Love: The Emerald Heart Light and The Mary Magdalene Light.

Life-changing experiences
Last month I ran the email program ‘The 22 Rays of The Mary Magdalene Light’ for the second time. For 22 days, each morning the participants received a Teaching by email and a distant transmission of one specific Ray of Unconditional Divine Love. They had life changing experiences and The 22 Rays has become the most popular program I have ever run. I can already share that I will repeat it in July.

Take a break from corona, and let yourself be cheered up below, with transformative, fabulous experiences of repeaters and new participants, like

  • ‘I had no need to comfort eat’
  • ‘I cleared heavy family energies’
  • ‘The connection between my womb and heart became deeper’

Brand new Focused Formula
Let 2020 be the year in which you choose to invest in your soul’s development. Both The Emerald Heart Light and The Mary Magdalene Light are ready to raise your level of Self-Love, for you to lead a fulfilling and happy life. Keep an eye on my newsletters; from the 1st to the 28th of May I will offer a brand new Emerald Heart ‘Focused Formula’ (4 week distant transmission). The theme will be revealed in about a month’s time.

With my heartfelt love,

Channel of The Mary Magdalene Light
Principal Light Carrier of The Emerald Heart Light

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What Participants Say about THE 22 RAYS

Our most popular email program

Read nine life-changing experiences of participants of The 22 Rays of The Mary Magdalene Light. For 22 days, each morning they received a Teaching by email and a distant transmission of one specific Ray of The Mary Magdalene Light. Each Ray represents a Divine Feminine Quality.

Deepening the intelligence of my womb and heart
Over the course of the email programme I experienced a deepening of the intelligence of my womb and heart and their connection. Some Rays were nurturing and holding, others more actively ‘pushing through’ – but all healing.
Having worked with energy for many years I would say to any newcomer that even if you don’t experience very much, I can vouch that this Spiritual Light is ‘the real deal’ and you can trust that it will be serving you and your path in the highest way. I would recommend it whole-heartedly and whole-wombedly. Thank you for bringing it in, Harriët.
Janice, United Kingdom

I felt that I belong to this life
It has been a great experience.  After receiving each ‘Ray of the Day’, I felt relaxed, in peace, as if everything made sense and I knew that I belong to this life. I felt self-loved and gratitude for everything I have in life. I am grateful to have found the Divine Plan Healing System and The 22 Rays of The Mary Magdalene Light. Thank you Harriët, for bringing The 22 Rays to us.
Trini, the Netherlands

What you receive is invaluable
Although I had already participated in the 22 Rays, it felt like the first time for me. I was very pleased that Harriët offered it again, and felt the experience uplifting and healing , my heart expanding and taking me deeper. I would recommend that if you get the opportunity, take the program, it is not a lot to spend and what you receive is invaluable.
Patricia, Scotland

Filled with love, no need not comfort eat
I felt held in love from the moment the first Ray arrived and this love grew and grew over the 22 days. Even on days I struggled, there was an energetic lightness to my reactions; a feeling that everything was as it was meant to be. A sense of surrender.
I noticed that I did not comfort eat whilst receiving The Rays, in fact I did not think about my tricky relationship with food at all. I just ate when I was hungry and stopped when I was full. I am sure this is because I was so full of self-love and Mary Magdalene’s love, I was totally satisfied with myself and life. This felt particularly freeing for me, as it has been an issue for many years.
I journal most days, but my writing- whilst I was in the Light of the 22 Rays- flowed in a way it never has before:  with guidance, poetry, thoughts and feelings. It was effortless and the words very meaningful.

It was definitely well worth the investment and I would recommend anyone who is thinking about the next 22 Rays, to do it without hesitation! My expectations were high, but the results exceeded these expectations. I am looking forward to working with Harriet again, with this very special, loving, feminine Light.
Phillipa, England

The Ray of Self-Love helped clearing heavy family energies
What a beautiful and special journey The 22 Rays gave me. In the third week of the email program, I was able to say goodbye to former family homes in a village where my father and I were born and my late grandparents lived. I visited both houses. It was on the day of Ray 16, called Self-Love. I asked my grandparents, the area with their former house and the street to let go of the heavy family history (with much humiliation, gossip, neighbour control, suspicions by the church community – concerning my father especially), from a sense of self-love and self-esteem. I told them that they did well at the time. It felt great to do that. When I entered the street of grandpa and grandma the energy felt heavy; when I left it felt lighter, more flowing.
Marjolein, the Netherlands

A much deeper experience this second time
The experience of receiving The 22 Rays was deeper the second time. I felt a much deeper connection to each Ray. It was almost as if I was seeing some words and sentences in the daily Teachings for the first time. I could really identify with what they were telling me from the depths of my heart. Also, some Rays were easier to grasp this time round as if some healing had taken place since the first one. A wonderful experience again. It is well worth the investment and I would highly recommend it. Thank you Harriët.
Norette, Ireland

Happier and less daunted by daily struggles
The ‘Parcels of Light’ delivered over the 22 days brought me great warmth and peace. I felt happier, less daunted by daily struggles. Life went on, but my attitude shifted to feeling blessed and blissed. I was definitely less snappy with loved ones, I had more patience, I awoke with a smile on my face totally refreshed. Value for money, oh yes it was.
Participating was a hard decision as I had many bills to pay, but felt so much that I had to be a recipient of these Blessings of Light. Yes of course I would recommend this email programme. To find some quiet time in a day to sit and open my Parcel of Light was such a delight. My special pamper time. I feel gratitude for the prompting and chance to explore the aspects of the Divine Feminine.
Thank you so much Harriët,
Darryl, United Kingdom

The 22 Rays gave me a lot more than I expected
I think that in the very end it gave me a lot more than I would have thought. It was nice getting a bit of these different feminine qualities every day. Some of them were in resonance with my being, and with others there was a little resistance, or a feeling of not knowing them so well. The big thing to highlight though is the last and 22nd day, The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission. It was really nice to receive an hour of healing, I totally dozed off, and after I went to see my tantra yoga friend. She told me the most horrible news about the organization our school is part of. I really needed the energy of MM and that special day, to be able to hold all that info that shocked me.
I’m also really grateful for the Mary’s Light essence drops, to get that light fill every day, to keep going embracing that distant darkness. I feel the strength in me instead of weakness, facing this situation. It was definitely worth the investment. I even recommended The 22 Rays to a friend and she joined.
Kristina, Sweden

Beautiful insights of wisdom
I had very good 22 days. How beautiful, inspiring and nourishing the 22 Teachings were! They were also confronting though… my view on my attitude to life had to be adjusted. Today, the day after we finished, I feel the power of ‘The Mother’ ebbing away. A pity, it was very beautiful. Over 22 days the focus and energy built up… I grew from a state of only feeling to having more energy, being open, daring to speak out, making choices in an easy way, having overview from the perspective of clarity.

I take beautiful insights of wisdom with me:
1) There is always silence in me;
2) I don’t have to ‘want’ all the time – wanting to have and to do.
This will make life calmer and easier. Clarity, simplicity and focus: that is what I came out of The 22 Rays with. A big thank you.
Marjolein, the Netherlands

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