Concluding days of the
Mary Magdalene Magical Months


Last weekend we finished The Mary Magdalene Magical Months, an online Self-Love Journey in the Light of Mary Magdalene. Nineteen people from eight countries came together in Amsterdam for the concluding Rebirth Weekend. From last October to this May we worked with essence vibrations and attunements that were given by Mary Magdalene to step out of unworthiness, self-doubt and even self-hatred. It was mind-blowing to witness the transformation of all individual participants in Mary’s Light, and their deep commitment to their personal and spiritual evolution.

It still is a big wonder to me that altogether 30 people from all over the world participated in The Mary Magdalene Magical Months to receive what my vessel was allowed to offer to them. Our months together left me with a very humbling yet fulfilled feeling.

I am very grateful for their immense trust in my vessel and its abilities! To have the life mission ‘to reach and pass on the highest level of feminine consciousness’ is one thing, but it is worth nothing if nobody steps up to receive that magical gift. In the Magical Rebirth Weekend we used the Light of Mary Magdalene as a portal to (re-)connect deeply with The Mother of All That Is. In doing so, we unexpectedly received support from The Hathors. Thereby a whole new dimension opened up for me and I feel this is going to be part of my personal rebirth process. How exciting!

During our Magical Rebirth Weekend valuable international friendships were born in our community. At times it can feel a bit lonely to walk at the forefront of the spiritual awaking of humanity and therefore it is important to have like-minded people in our life who understand the path we are walking.

Below you will find some reviews and pictures of The Magical Rebirth Weekend. Enjoy!

With love and blessings,
~ Harriët

I travelled 7 lifetimes in 7 months

This journey has opened me up to my true potential. In 7 months’ time I traveled a path that otherwise might have taken me 7 years or 7 lifetimes. I was supported and carried through the rough stuff that needed to be processed, and never felt unsafe or left alone during the hard times. These hard times inevitably led to a place of peace, unconditional love and balance that I am convinced will always remain in my heart as a refuge, accessible at all times. The essence of these months is actually beyond words. And so is my gratitude. I feel so blessed to have been and still am a part of this.

The world needs this, all beings need this love to become what we truly are: pure loving consciousness.

(Participant from the Netherlands)

I received so much more than what I paid for

What I received is not to balance with money. I received so much more than what I paid for. I’ve got a whole new being, a whole new life.

Daniela, Germany

I feel different, lighter and my life has changed

Signing up for the Mary Magdalene Magical Months wasn’t an option for me: it was something I knew I was going to do as soon as I saw it.  We had essences to take, zoom conferences where we were showered with Light, and always I felt an energy that was there supporting and helping me. We started in October and it is now May. I feel different, lighter and I know my life has changed.  This is just the beginning and I am looking forward to whatever is unfolding.

I am eternally grateful to Harriët, who without her, none of this would have been possible.  She is supportive, kind, caring and just pretty awesome.

And Mary Magdalene … the Love and Light she showered on us, and still is, is beyond words.

It has been an extraordinary journey.

Thank you.

(Participant from England)