New Logo Radiates The Mary Magdalene Light

With gratitude but also with a  of pride I present a new, extra image that we will use in the Divine Plan Healing School. This image represents The Mary Magdalene Light. Perhaps you can sense that it is alive and that it radiates Her Light into your heart. I will be using this new logo for my future Mary Magdalene Light Events, like Light Transmissions, Light Circles, the upcoming 22 Rays (1-22 December, soon to be announced), etc.

The Divine Plan Healing School now serves two Spiritual Lights
Originally, The Divine Plan Healing School was founded to bring a healing system into the world that is based on The Emerald Heart Light, the Divine Plan Healing System. As this healing system allowed me to grow more and more in my own, individual Divine Plan, the Universe offered me a new Spiritual Light to work with, The Mary Magdalene Light. This Light now wants to take its place in the world as much as The Emerald Heart Light does, and I felt it was time to give it its own image/logo.

I have pondered quite a bit if I should found another school, focused on The Mary Magdalene Light only, but came to the conclusion that I should elevate the Divine Plan Healing School to another level and give it an umbrella function. The Emerald Heart Light and The Mary Magdalene Light are complementary Spiritual Lights, just like how Yeshua and Mary Magdalene walked a complementary path. And therefore, the Divine Plan Healing School now serves two Spiritual Lights.

Thank you Karen and Alyss!
From the bottom of my heart I want to thank the fantastic artist and designer Karen Frey from Switzerland, who was able to create the image that Mary Magdalene wanted to be born. Healer and psychotherapist Alyss Thomas from England (known for her journalling courses) also gave fantastic input. Thank you wonderful ladies for your incredible support in bringing this new, important Light radiating image forth!

Many blessings,
~ Harriët

If you’d like to see and compare the feel of the other Light radiating images that we use, please scroll down.

This emerald green heart image represents The Emerald Heart Light

It beams out this amazing Spiritual Light that connects you with the deepest truth in your heart, like who you essentially are and what you came to earth for. On the website of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, you will find Practitioners who give private consultations in this transformative Light.

This pink heart image represents The Divine Plan Healing System
As you can see, it is based on the image of The Emerald Heart Light. The Divine Plan Healing System works is an Emerald Heart healing system. It was given to humanity by Mary Magdalene with the help of Yeshua. Her Love and Wisdom radiate pink frequencies. Therefore, to visualize The Divine Plan Healing System, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene requested us to use the Emerald Heart image in pink. It radiates not only the Emerald Heart Light, but also the Love and Wisdom of Mary Magdalene.
On the website of The Divine Plan Healing School you will find healers and teachers who can help you heal and connect with your personal Divine Plan (blueprint, life mission).

To which image are you attracted most?

The pink heart, the emerald heart, the Mary Magdalene Flower?
If you allow your heart to choose (instead of your mind), you will know in which direction to find the healing and spiritual development that suits you best.