Practical and professional spirituality

I am here to support you

I find it incredibly fulfilling to support people in creating a happy and fulfilling life. The Emerald Heart Light has helped me tremendously with solving my own issues, and that is what drove me to help others by sharing the tools that this uplifting and empowering spiritual Light offers. My specialties are

  • Helping you discover and embrace your own, unique personal path, your so called ‘Divine Plan’

  • Pointing out the Prime Limiting Factor that holds you back from living the life of your dreams

  • Stimulating your innate self-healing ability where needed

My break-down became my break-through

After a degree in Cultural Anthropology (MA), a post-doctorate training in journalism and a career as a journalist, editor, and author; in 2001 I ended up with a severe burnout. Reiki attunements were my first step on the journey inwards. To my great surprise, my consciousness started to present the reality of

  • Negative beliefs

  • Hindering fears

  • Past life memories

  • Ancestral trauma
  • Hindering patterns

Looking back, the desire to remove them gained momentum. With the help of various energy therapies and healing techniques, I started to free myself from this ballast that was governing me. This literally saved my life. From a woman with low and destructive self-esteem, I became a powerful person, unafraid to walk her own unique path. My break-down became my break-through.

I was my own Guinea pig

Without realizing it, I served as my own Guinea pig for years. In my journey to align myself with my own Divine Plan, I became a Reiki Master, a Theta Healer, and completed five years of training at the internationally renowned Barbara Brennan School of Healing (2011). When I discovered The Emerald Heart Light (also in 2011), it felt like coming home. I started trying Light essences and Light programs to clear my obstructing blockages. This turned out to be more effective than all the energy work I had done before. The choice was quickly made, I decided to fully focus on this modern and unprecedented way of working.

David Ashworth, spiritual teacher and the original channel of this healing Light, gave me countless trainings and attunements to be able to use this Light as an energy therapist and Light Worker. I am, since 2019, one of the two ‘Principal Light Carriers’ (anchors) of The Emerald Heart Light.

Recharge your Jewellery

Founder of The Divine Plan Healing Academy (previously School)

In the summer of 2014, to my own surprise and shock, I was asked to bring an ultra-modern healing modality into the world, powered by the Emerald Heart Light. I had, for six years, the honour of being the Heart of this beautiful and empowering ‘Divine Plan Healing System’. It was incredibly fulfilling to raise it to the level of professional training. In 2016 I founded the global Divine Plan Healing School (now known as the Divine Plan Healing Academy), and trained many people in countless countries.

Introducing The Mary Magdalene Light

In 2020 the time had come to hand over The Divine Plan Healing System to the next generation. Since September 2020 my dear colleague Alexandra Meyn is the one that serves as its Heart. In January 2022 I also handed over the school to her.
This gave me space to focus on bringing in a new, purely feminine Spiritual Light that presented itself to me with the name ‘The Mary Magdalene Light’ and started to come through in June 2017.

I now support The Divine Plan Healing System only in the background, as the founder of the school.

How I can help you

As you can see on this website, I do not only offer consultations with The Emerald Heart Light, but I can also serve you with other Light Tools. Our essence vibrations, Light Jewellery and remote Light Transmissions are self-help tools. If you prefer personal guidance and support, opt for a 1-hour full consultation.

When in doubt, why don’t you take advantage of my 30-minute Discovery Call?. For only €30 and obligation free.

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Experiences with Harriët

‘To the point and professional’

‘Harriët gets to the point quickly, is decisive and professional. You feel she knows what she’s doing. She listens well and I feel safe with her. She helped me a lot.’

Johanna, The Netherlands

‘Harriët’s support is gentle, motivating and very precise’

‘Harriët always listens attentively and intuitively. Her support has been gentle, motivating and very precise. It is reassuring to have someone as committed as she is, in my personal process and it is impossible not to appreciate her and hold her, her knowledge, experience and selflessness close to my heart.’

Arvin, Guatemala

‘You provide the roots that are necessary to grow’

‘Dear Harriët, you have the capacity to use exactly the right words that I need to hear to gain clarity or realize something. I also appreciate your open-mindedness; you listen and never judge. You provide the roots that are necessary to grow, in a sometimes almost maternal, loving way. But never in any way pushy or demanding, just uplifting and empowering.’

Daniela, Germany

‘She is an advanced spiritual teacher’

‘For every Principal Light Carrier of The Emerald Heart Light, there are many hundreds who could not find the courage to make the inner transformations necessary to work at such a high level. For those seeking a true spiritual path, it is a great honour to be guided by Harriët, someone who has walked the path within the Light of The Emerald Heart and attained such an exalted position. She is truly a very advanced spiritual teacher with a highly developed energy system, capable of carrying the Light into this world.’

David Ashworth, original channel of The Emerald Heart Light., United Kingdom

‘Just what I needed to reach my potential’

‘Harriët can attune herself energetically to my essential Self and thus found out what I needed, in order to reach my potential. Emerald Heart essences help with the desired energetic change.’

Peter, The Netherlands

‘I have become a more confident, assertive woman’

‘I have been working with Harriët for 3 months and during this time I have become a more confident, assertive woman who knows what she wants. As I start a new chapter in my life, I would like to thank Harriët for all her love and support, and I encourage anyone thinking of working with the Emerald Heart Light to do so, as these past 3 months have truly changed my life for the better!’

Rosanne, England

‘You are a great teacher’

‘I want to thank you for bringing light and Divine Plan Healing into my life, and for all your advice and support. You are a great teacher, Harriët. God Bless.’

Micky, United Kingdom

‘Your Light sees me for who I really am’

‘Harriët, the day I first saw you on Skype and you smiled at me, Your Light came through your face and made me feel adored and seen more truly for who I really am. This is how Jesus & Mary Magdalene look upon us all. Writing this to you brought me to tears again. Mary Magdalene always gives me the courage to go on knowing I am Loved and Supported, which is something you also do for me.’

Justin, Australia

‘You are such a positive role model’

‘A  HUGE thank you for all the time, effort and love you have put into the Divine Plan Healing School, it has enriched my life and the life of many others. I really admire you for this, you are such a positive role model for me in trusting guidance.’

Phillipa, England

‘There is something about you that is very deep and sincere’

‘How did I find The Divine Plan Healing System? Online, I looked at the list of Emerald Heart Practitioners and I saw your photograph… I felt very drawn to you. I looked you up… and here we are. There is something about you that is very, very deep and sincere. Very true and feminine in a strong yet gentle way. Your eyes looked through me and spoke a hello… and I saw a sister.’

Andrea, United Kingdom

‘She is a thorough spiritual teacher who walks the talk’

‘Knowing Harriët as a friend and colleague for many years, I can confirm that she is a thorough, passionate and most supportive spiritual teacher who really walks the talk and can assist and guide you in so many ways that go way beyond merely teaching her Divine Plan healing modality.’

Yvonne, Germany

Professional standards and ethics

I am a member of the VBAG, a Dutch professional organisation in the field of complementary medicine (Vereniging ter Bevordering van Alternatieve Geneeswijzen), and work according to the corresponding provisions and professional code. I am also registered in the Disciplinary Law register of the RBCZ (the quality register for highly qualified therapists), and I am subject to the disciplinary law of the TCZ (Tuchtrecht Complementaire Zorg).

Complaints procedure
If you have a complaint about a treatment, we will first try to discuss this with you.

It is also possible to engage an independent complaints officer. This can provide support in formulating the complaint or in the event of dissatisfaction and helps to find solutions. The therapist has the right to be informed of this. Our practice is affiliated with Quasir for this purpose.

If the efforts of the complaints officer or the way in which your dissatisfaction or complaint has been handled are unsatisfactory to you, you can turn to the Healthcare Disputes Disputes Committee (Geschillencommissie Zorggeschil).

For more information, visit the website of my professional association VBAG.

I offer my sessions in English or Dutch.

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