Support yourself with a Light Transmission

Receive 28 days of Light, take a huge step forward

Are you longing to take a big step in your personal evolution, but need a ‘helping hand’? Then allow yourself to be profoundly supported for 28 days by The Emerald Heart Light. I offer a variety of ‘Focused Formulas’ for you to choose from, these are remote Light Transmissions each with a special focus.

You can start a Light Transmission at any moment. From the moment you sign up, The Emerald Heart Light will start flowing to you for a period of four weeks, 24 hours each day. In the four weeks after that, The Light will gently decrease and gradually fade out, having accomplished its mission. In total you will be supported for about eight weeks. It is certainly worth it!

All Light Transmissions are sent remotely, and there is nothing specific you need to do in the weeks that you are receiving. It is as simple as that.

Light Transmissions commonly help you

  • Becoming more connected to your heart

  • Letting go of unresourceful thoughts

  • Finding inner balance and harmony

  • Gaining self-worth and self-love

  • Connecting with your inner power

Choose where you need the Light to assist you

Clarity on your next steps in life - Focused Formula

Clarity on your next steps in life

Deepens your intuition

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Energy System Detox

Energy System Detox

Attain a greater zest for life

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Inner Silence - Focused Formula

Inner Silence

Go beyond the noise of the outside world

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Return to your heart and move beyond fear - Light Transmission

Return to your heart and move beyond fear

Experience greater peace within

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New Beginnings - Focused Formula

New Beginnings

Helps to break old patterns

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Hope and Trust

Hope and Trust

Overcome uncertainty and remain optimistic

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How Light Transmissions have supported people

‘Every Light Transmission is worth every penny’

‘Every Focused Formula is worth the investment, I don’t even think about the price, it’s really worth it. The Emerald Heart Light offers constant opportunities in life, it brings us so much. I am immensely grateful for each opportunity to receive the Emerald Heart Light for 28 days.’

Trini, The Netherlands

‘It helped me to live healthily and mindfully’

‘The Energy System Detox Light Transmission helped me to finally live the healthy lifestyle I had longed for. I regularly meditate, cook healthy meals, go for long walks, do the things I need to do in a mindful way. I admire the beauty of this world and I am grateful. I truly recommend this Focused Formula to others! Thank you Harriët, for bringing it into the world!!’

Irene, Germany

‘I can now make decisions based on my intuition’

‘Hi Harriët, the light work was very subtle… let’s see how it affects my future life. I noticed the following changes: 1) I am quicker to perceive when I am under stress or need to take a break. 2) In my “free time” I spontaneously do the things that have to be done. 3) I now decide from the gut, with intuition, so to speak. Thank you very much for this great Program (Clarity on your next steps in life) for my further development.’

Beate, Germany

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