Return to your Heart and move beyond Fear


Experience greater peace within

This 4-week distant Light Transmission will help you to return to your own centre, your own heart and you will be able to process any changes more easily.

  • Calming of your deeper emotions
  • Experience greater peace within
  • Experience a greater understanding of world changes
  • Attain greater vision of the truth of our times
  • Connecting with a deeper sense of trust in the Universe

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‘Now I can listen to myself and truly discern what suits me’

‘I experienced this 4-week Light Transmission as very subtle and enjoyable. There was no drama coming to the surface, and since then I can see much more clearly what in my life no longer suits me. I stand up for myself more. But I also notice that I am now looking for what I really want here on earth, what gives me pleasure. I have started listening to myself. This makes me so happy because I had cut myself off. Now this part of me can wake up again. This “heart program’’ has been a wonderful, valuable gift and I can truly recommend it.’

Beate, Germany
How does it work

This 4-week transmission of The Emerald Heart Light flows through all levels of your aura and chakras to help you to return to your own centre, your own heart and you will be able to process any changes more easily. The Light flows directly to where it is needed based on your own Higher Self directing the Light that I provide for you.

You don’t need to do anything

Once you have registered, The Emerald Heart Light will flow into your heart and energy system for 28 days. In the four weeks after, The Light will relax down and gradually fade out, having done its work. In total you will be supported for about eight weeks.

Special Offer: 5 euro discount on The Emerald Heart Light essence

If you like, you can add an essence vibration to your Light Transmission. This Emerald Heart Light essence consists of pure Liquid Light and will enhance the overall effect of your 4-week Focused Formula.

There are two ways to receive the essence vibration:

  • Receive a dropper bottle with the essence vibration and choose between alcohol based or alcohol free. I use alcohol for preservation reasons, but this is not necessary if you have a preference.

  • Receive a remote transmission of the essence vibration in a bottle that you have prepared. The advantage of a transmission is that you avoid the postage fee. You can reuse one of our dropper bottles or use a little bottle of mineral water. With your order confirmation you will receive instructions on how to do this.

The specifics of the Emerald Heart Light essence

Our 10ml essence bottle contains pure Emerald Heart Light, water and ca. 30% alcohol for preservation.

  • Our essences do not interfere with homeopathy or any other medication.

  • Emerald Heart essences are not intended to replace medical care and/or medication from a qualified health practitioner.


Once you have purchased, please check your inbox for the order confirmation. It has downloadable information on your Light Transmission. If you order an accompanying essence, you will also receive a link to instructions on how to take your essence. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder.

Additional information


Essence bottle by post €32,95, Alcohol-free essence bottle by post €32,95, Transmission of the essence vibration (no postage) €25,51

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