The tools to change your life

Raise your frequency with Light

Everything is energy. You yourself, are also made of energy. That is why your chakras and aura are called your ‘energy field’.

Energy can have a low or a high vibration. The higher your energy field’s frequency, the more you will be able to live your life mission and blueprint, and the happier and more fulfilling your life will be.

Raising your frequency is key

Letting go of elements with a lower frequency is essential for your personal growth and spiritual evolution. Working with The Emerald Heart Light rapidly raises your frequency, which helps in letting go of aspects of yourself that no longer serve you. A boost of Emerald Heart Light (like what one receives in Light Transmissions or in private consultations) also has the capacity to ‘burn’ away energies with a lower frequency. Examples of inner limitations and blockages that my Light Tools can help you with, are:

  • Burdening beliefs (e.g. ‘I am not good enough’)

  • Hindering fears
  • Patterns from the past (this life, past life, ancestral)
  • Past life memories

  • Ancestral trauma

From self-help tools to in-depth consultations

Do you prefer to work with do-it-yourself tools?
Then the Light Essences, Light Transmissions and Light Jewellery are tailor made for you.

Would you like to receive an in-depth personal reading with guidance?
Then I invite you to book a 1-hour consultation with me where I will point out your Prime Limiting Factor and offer tools for transformation.

Remote Light Healing


Receive an online, comprehensive,
no-nonsense consultation to
discover and dissolve
your Prime Limiting Factor.

Light Essences


Simple self-help tools
to overcome blockages
without having to take
a consultation or healing

Healing Light Transmissions


Empower yourself with
a 4-week remote transmission of
The Emerald Heart Light.
Choose a specific focus

Light Attunements


Grounding is key for
a happy and fulfilling life.
Anchor yourself deeply in the Earth with a Light Attunement

Jewellery charged with Light


Uplift yourself with stunning jewellery,
charged with
The Emerald Heart Light

Book a 30-minute consultation

If you are overwhelmed or unsure which approach is best suited to your situation, why not book a consultation with me for €30 to see how I can help.

Remote Consultation 1 Hour

Do you still have questions?

If you are new to Light Work, it can be difficult to know if it is right for you or how it can help.

Please take a look at my FAQ or get in contact.