Deepen your Grounding with a Light Attunement

Grounding is key for a happy and fulfilling life

  • Do you at times feel you are drifting, are disconnected and not present in The Now?

  • Would you like to be able to root more deeply into Mother Earth?

  • Would you like to become more at one with all of nature?

Grounding is essential in order to live a happy and fulfilling life. Strong roots into the Earth enable you to fully manifest yourself. If you struggle with being present in The Now and to connect with nature, you probably lack sufficient anchoring in the Earth.

Your spiritual evolution requires deeper grounding

You may already have noticed that the 21st century is about accelerated personal growth and spiritual evolution. Nowadays, universal energies elevate our frequency much faster than in previous centuries. Have you noticed that this ascension process requires deeper grounding? Visualizing roots is not enough by far to anchor you more deeply into the Earth.

Grounding requires:

  • Letting go of fears associated with life on Earth

  • Grounding Channels (Earth Links) that function well

  • Activating one or more dormant grounding templates within you

Over the years, I have become specialised in Light Work that provides in a better grounding. I have supported countless people in their process of letting go of existential fears, in strengthening their Earth Links, and with Grounding Attunements.

What is a Grounding Attunement?

A Grounding Attunement activates a dormant template for deeper grounding which is already within you.

An attunement is the activation of a dormant template within your energy system.

This template represents an aspect of your potential that can be ignited when you are ready.

An attunement is not a quick fix but unfolds over a certain period of time.

An attunement is a sacred procedure that I offer remotely, in an online session.

Choose the Grounding Attunement
that appeals to you

My attunements are empowered by The Emerald Heart Light.
You can receive them by remote transmission, anywhere in the world.

Heart of the Earth Mother Attunement

Heart of the Earth Mother Attunement

Receive the ‘Heart of the Earth Mother Attunement’ to activate a
grounding process within you.
Your energy system will first be assessed in a separate session
(with a separate fee).


Ground Spike Attunement

Ground Spike

The ‘Ground Spike Attunement’ is a sacred process that can only be offered if you are used to
working with The Emerald Heart Light. I would be happy to provide you with more information.


In-Depth Healing Consultation with Grounding Analysis

In-depth Consultation with Grounding Analysis

I will assess your energy system and analyse your Earth links during
a one hour remote consultation.
This is a necessary step, full of insights, on your way to receiving
a Grounding Attunement.


Discovery call with Harriët

Discovery Call

Would you like to know more
about my approach?
Then let us have a 30-minute consultation, with no further obligations involved, to explore your
needs and concerns.