In-Depth Consultation with Grounding Analysis


Discover and dissolve your Prime Limiting Factor

Are you seeking a happy and fulfilling life, but feel inside that something undefinable is holding you back from taking the necessary steps? I take a no-nonsense and comprehensive approach, in order to serve your needs and your desire for positive change. During a 1-hour consultation, I will read your energy system, check your Earth Links, find your Prime Limiting Factor, and explain which Light Tools can free you from your limitation, like Light Essences and/or a Light Program. Your consultation will include:

  • Aura and chakras repair check
  • Grounding channels analysis
  • Absorbing uplifting Light for a full hour

All consultations are given remotely, preferably via Zoom video. Should you prefer, I am happy to use Skype or telephone.

I offer my sessions in English or Dutch. I understand German, French and Spanish, but am not a fluent speaker.


Payment in Euros only, the Currency Converter buttons show a rough estimate in US Dollars and British Pounds.



‘I am now sure of myself and what I do’

‘I have calmed down so much thanks to these drops! A friend even noticed, she said: “You’re so terribly busy, yet you radiate such calm…!” That was, of course, nice feedback. Looking back, I now understand how the essence that you sent me after the consultation worked. It is called Reconnection; when you reconnect with yourself, you can calm down. And now I am so sure of myself and of what I do, it is wonderful.’

Jacqueline, The Netherlands

‘The essences give me insights into my questions’

Thank you Harriët, for your beautiful sessions, words, and support. I am so happy with the essences that gave and still give me insights into my questions. The new essence has arrived by post today. I really enjoy working with you. Love from

Micky, The Netherlands

‘What a liberation! I can walk my own path now’

‘Thank you for taking the dark energies away, Harriët. I feel really lucky, what a liberation! I can walk my own path, feeling worthy, starting to live in my body more and more, in love and gratitude. Thank you, Harriët for your beautiful loving guidance and for making this possible. I feel blessed by having received so much love and light guidance. And for now, I am going to walk my new path!’

Christine Maria, The Netherlands

‘An unexpected process which led to greater happiness and fulfilment’

‘Very unexpectedly, Harriët first identified my need to let go of my twin brother who was still with me, even though he did not develop fully in my mother’s womb. This process was emotional, yet I was continually supported by the Emerald Heart Light and Harriët. Once I fully let go of my twin brother’s soul, I understood myself, my wants, and desires, on a greater level now that they were no longer mixed up with my twin brother’s. This has led to greater happiness as I start to realise the kind of friendships and relationships I want, and as a result get more fulfilment from them. Many thanks for all your support over the past 3 months, it has had such a positive and profound effect on my life, I will forever be grateful!’

Rosanne, England

‘My nausea and migraines are gone’

‘A month ago, I had been having nausea and migraines for a week. I called Harriët to ask if I could try an Emerald Heart essence. Two days after taking it, these drops suddenly brought insight into the causes! My nausea turned out to be disgust, and the migraines were based on a vague kind of anger. I have tried to embrace those feelings with a lot of love. First, I met myself as a girl of about 8 years old, and then as a baby. The next night I got a cold and had a huge cough! It felt as if it were in clear connection with the process the essence had brought me in. That cold literally meant letting go – although I do not know exactly what it was that I released. The cough is still not completely over, but psychologically I have been feeling much better this entire month. Thank you Harriët, I am really happy with this result!’

Tanja, The Netherlands

‘I am more empowered and am able to find peace’

‘During the four months’ Wheel of Light Program that you gave me, the path to my heart has become more direct and powerful. I am more empowered and am better able to find peace in periods of unrest, stress, and sadness. The light gives unexpected but clear signals: messages and coincidences that I cannot ignore. I am extremely happy to have come in contact with the Emerald Heart Light. A nourishing light that I cannot do without.’

Margriet, The Netherlands

Four months of Light brought me a smooth recovery

‘Thank you very much for the four months Light Program that you started when I had my hip replaced. I cannot put it in words, but I knew I was constantly being carried. Even after the operation, when I had to learn to walk again, I experienced being held. Although learning to walk again was quite an ordeal, I was able to get through this difficult period with unexpected ease. My physiotherapist was impressed with my smooth recovery.

One day I felt that something was disappearing. It was the support of the Light that left when I no longer needed it. I still find it very strange, because I am not really into this sort of thing and I can’t explain it, but that it helped me, is absolutely obvious.’

X., The Netherlands

‘I have become less susceptible to addictions’

‘I experience The Emerald Heart Light as grounding, comforting, contemplative and wonderfully warming and relaxing. Furthermore, I have the idea that thanks to attending your Emerald Heart Meditations I have become much less susceptible to my shopping addiction. And my addictions in general (sugar addiction, for example)!’

Kate, The Netherlands
How I work

High-frequency Light Essences and/or a Light Program have been proven successful in removing blockages, repairing the energy system, and bringing balance. Such processes of transformation are sometimes barely perceptible yet lead to deep relief, new insights and a happier life.

I do not decide for you which essences or program you need, but your Higher-Self will.

In a follow-up session, four weeks after your consultation, we will look at the results of the essences and/or Light Program and decide whether you need further support.

A few forms

Once you have booked a consultation, you will receive two forms. I need, by law, to ask you to fill in an Intake Form and to sign a Consent Form.

  • Intake Form – Gives me information on your background
  • Consent Form – Explains how I work in detail and legally allows us to work together
My Fees

In order to enable us to talk for as long or as short as you need, I charge per minute. The hourly fee for a consultation is 175 euro. My sessions are not reimbursed by health care insurers.

Initial consultation
175 Euro, payable in advance, to reserve your appointment. The initial consultation takes from 1 to 1.5 hour and this amount will be deducted from the final invoice. All subsequent consultations are then paid for after each call.

Emerald Heart essences
I work with various ranges of essences and their individual prices range from 8.61 to 29.98 euro. This does not include shipping costs. The essence readings are provided free of charge.

Light Programs
Besides the self-help Light Programs on this website, I offer three kinds of Light Programs which last twice as long (3 to 4 months). They include a 28-day connection with The Light. Their fees are a one-time investment for the duration of the entire program.

∞ Emerald Heart Program: 115 euro

∞ Wheel of Light Program: 137.50 euro

∞ Darshan Program: 250 euro

In the case of a no-show

In the case of a cancellation within 48 hours of our appointment, I will need to charge my hourly rate (175 euro).