Experiences with Harriët Kroon

‘In only half a year, I feel so much better’

 ‘I came in contact with Harriët at a time when I was deeply in crisis. She immediately gave me perspective. After she had read my system, she came up with five goals, which we targeted with a ‘Light Program’. This program ran for half a year. After the first month, Harriët read my system again, and it was amazing and striking that her findings were always exactly how I was feeling. We spoke monthly during these six months and always set new goals or adjusted the targets that had not yet been fully achieved. Harriët does all this with firm but loving support and attention. After half a year I feel a lot better in my own skin.’

Neiliëtte, The Netherlands

Harriët recognized my key blockages that only I could know of’

‘I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to meet Harriët, for her guidance and loving care through my healing process. Right from the first session, she was able to find my key blockages that only I could know of. She was really sincere in her communication, and every effort was made to help with healing and making me whole once more. I eagerly looked forward to every session during the Light Program, as Harriët’s genuineness made it so easy and trustworthy to see and feel the results. Thank you so much Harriët for all that you do!’

Rita, Ireland

‘My fears are almost gone’

I only knew myself as someone with a lot of anxiety and little energy. Despite many years of all kinds of therapies, I remained anxious and tired easily. Harriët was the first person to actually see what was going on and she guided me through a 4-month Light Program. Harriët always responded competently to my feedback and invariably gave me a sense of confidence. I look back on these 4 months with amazement. My fears are almost gone, and my energy has increased enormously. I am not there yet, but knowing that this gentle, loving Light Program exists, does me good.

Liset, The Netherlands

‘Your work is liberating’

‘Thanks very much for your assistance and support, it’s much appreciated.
It has been a very positive and liberating experience for me.’

Dom, Australia

‘To the point and professional’

‘Harriët gets to the point quickly, is decisive and professional. You feel she knows what she’s doing. She listens well and I feel safe with her. She helped me a lot.’

Johanna, The Netherlands

‘Harriët’s support is gentle, motivating and very precise’

‘Harriët always listens attentively and intuitively. Her support has been gentle, motivating and very precise. It is reassuring to have someone as committed as she is, in my personal process and it is impossible not to appreciate her and hold her, her knowledge, experience and selflessness close to my heart.’

Arvin, Guatemala

‘You provide the roots that are necessary to grow’

‘Dear Harriët, you have the capacity to use exactly the right words that I need to hear to gain clarity or realize something. I also appreciate your open-mindedness; you listen and never judge. You provide the roots that are necessary to grow, in a sometimes almost maternal, loving way. But never in any way pushy or demanding, just uplifting and empowering.’

Daniela, Germany