Experiences with Harriët Kroon

‘In only half a year, I feel so much better’

 ‘I came in contact with Harriët at a time when I was deeply in crisis. She immediately gave me perspective. After she had read my system, she came up with five goals, which we targeted with a ‘Light Program’. This program ran for half a year. After the first month, Harriët read my system again, and it was amazing and striking that her findings were always exactly how I was feeling. We spoke monthly during these six months and always set new goals or adjusted the targets that had not yet been fully achieved. Harriët does all this with firm but loving support and attention. After half a year I feel a lot better in my own skin.’

Neiliëtte, The Netherlands

Harriët recognized my key blockages that only I could know of’

‘I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to meet Harriët, for her guidance and loving care through my healing process. Right from the first session, she was able to find my key blockages that only I could know of. She was really sincere in her communication, and every effort was made to help with healing and making me whole once more. I eagerly looked forward to every session during the Light Program, as Harriët’s genuineness made it so easy and trustworthy to see and feel the results. Thank you so much Harriët for all that you do!’

Rita, Ireland

‘My fears are almost gone’

I only knew myself as someone with a lot of anxiety and little energy. Despite many years of all kinds of therapies, I remained anxious and tired easily. Harriët was the first person to actually see what was going on and she guided me through a 4-month Light Program. Harriët always responded competently to my feedback and invariably gave me a sense of confidence. I look back on these 4 months with amazement. My fears are almost gone, and my energy has increased enormously. I am not there yet, but knowing that this gentle, loving Light Program exists, does me good.

Liset, The Netherlands

‘Your work is liberating’

‘Thanks very much for your assistance and support, it’s much appreciated.
It has been a very positive and liberating experience for me.’

Dom, Australia

‘To the point and professional’

‘Harriët gets to the point quickly, is decisive and professional. You feel she knows what she’s doing. She listens well and I feel safe with her. She helped me a lot.’

Johanna, The Netherlands

‘Harriët’s support is gentle, motivating and very precise’

‘Harriët always listens attentively and intuitively. Her support has been gentle, motivating and very precise. It is reassuring to have someone as committed as she is, in my personal process and it is impossible not to appreciate her and hold her, her knowledge, experience and selflessness close to my heart.’

Arvin, Guatemala

‘You provide the roots that are necessary to grow’

‘Dear Harriët, you have the capacity to use exactly the right words that I need to hear to gain clarity or realize something. I also appreciate your open-mindedness; you listen and never judge. You provide the roots that are necessary to grow, in a sometimes almost maternal, loving way. But never in any way pushy or demanding, just uplifting and empowering.’

Daniela, Germany

‘She is a thorough spiritual teacher who walks the talk’

‘Knowing Harriët as a friend and colleague for many years, I can confirm that she is a thorough, passionate and most supportive spiritual teacher who really walks the talk and can assist and guide you in so many ways that go way beyond merely teaching her Divine Plan healing modality.’

Yvonne, Germany

‘Just what I needed to reach my potential’

‘Harriët can attune herself energetically to my essential Self and thus found out what I needed, in order to reach my potential. Emerald Heart essences help with the desired energetic change.’

Peter, The Netherlands

‘I have become a more confident, assertive woman’

‘I have been working with Harriët for 3 months and during this time I have become a more confident, assertive woman who knows what she wants. As I start a new chapter in my life, I would like to thank Harriët for all her love and support, and I encourage anyone thinking of working with the Emerald Heart Light to do so, as these past 3 months have truly changed my life for the better!’

Rosanne, England

‘Your Light sees me for who I really am’

‘Harriët, the day I first saw you on Skype and you smiled at me, Your Light came through your face and made me feel adored and seen more truly for who I really am. This is how Jesus & Mary Magdalene look upon us all. Writing this to you brought me to tears again. Mary Magdalene always gives me the courage to go on knowing I am Loved and Supported, which is something you also do for me.’

Justin, Australia

‘You are a great teacher’

‘I want to thank you for bringing light and Divine Plan Healing into my life, and for all your advice and support. You are a great teacher, Harriët. God Bless.’

Micky, United Kingdom

‘You are such a positive role model’

‘A  HUGE thank you for all the time, effort and love you have put into the Divine Plan Healing School, it has enriched my life and the life of many others. I really admire you for this, you are such a positive role model for me in trusting guidance.’

Phillipa, England

‘There is something about you that is very deep and sincere’

‘How did I find The Divine Plan Healing System? Online, I looked at the list of Emerald Heart Practitioners and I saw your photograph… I felt very drawn to you. I looked you up… and here we are. There is something about you that is very, very deep and sincere. Very true and feminine in a strong yet gentle way. Your eyes looked through me and spoke a hello… and I saw a sister.’

Andrea, United Kingdom

‘She is an advanced spiritual teacher’

‘For every Principal Light Carrier of The Emerald Heart Light, there are many hundreds who could not find the courage to make the inner transformations necessary to work at such a high level. For those seeking a true spiritual path, it is a great honour to be guided by Harriët, someone who has walked the path within the Light of The Emerald Heart and attained such an exalted position. She is truly a very advanced spiritual teacher with a highly developed energy system, capable of carrying the Light into this world.’

David Ashworth, original channel of The Emerald Heart Light, United Kingdom

Experiences with In-depth Consultations

‘I am more grounded and confident’

‘I am so glad that I followed my heart and reached out to Harriët. She has guided me through a profound process of healing and growth, in which we have reconnected two of my ‘earth links’. I now feel more grounded, more centred in myself and more confident about walking my own unique path in life. I am stepping into my own power more and more.


I could never have done this deep work on my own and without the loving support of Harriët, who has been guiding me through every step on the way. I feel grateful for everything the Emerald Heart Light and the Mary Magdalene Light have given me so far and I am looking forward to continue on this beautiful transformational journey.’

Roos, The Netherlands

‘Working with Harriët was a true revelation’

‘Thanks to Harriët’s clear insights, in addition to the powerful essences and
the straightforward monthly goals (based on the “prime limiting factor”),
I experienced tremendous personal growth in just a few months’ time.
Along the way, we came across loving energies that had supported me for years,
as well as tougher energies that had been holding me back.

The process involved a farewell and a cleanup of my energy system,
and room was made for new experiences.
At times it was like being on a roller coaster and
at others like blissfully floating in an ocean of love.

It was a blessing to have Harriët at my side with her sincere and loving guidance.
Thank you Harriët, Namasté.’

Esther, The Netherlands, 2022

‘I am now sure of myself and what I do’

‘I have calmed down so much thanks to these drops! A friend even noticed, she said: “You’re so terribly busy, yet you radiate such calm…!” That was, of course, nice feedback. Looking back, I now understand how the essence that you sent me after the consultation worked. It is called Reconnection; when you reconnect with yourself, you can calm down. And now I am so sure of myself and of what I do, it is wonderful.’

Jacqueline, The Netherlands

‘The essences give me insights into my questions’

Thank you Harriët, for your beautiful sessions, words, and support. I am so happy with the essences that gave and still give me insights into my questions. The new essence has arrived by post today. I really enjoy working with you. Love from

Micky, The Netherlands

‘An unexpected process which led to greater happiness and fulfilment’

‘Very unexpectedly, Harriët first identified my need to let go of my twin brother who was still with me, even though he did not develop fully in my mother’s womb. This process was emotional, yet I was continually supported by the Emerald Heart Light and Harriët. Once I fully let go of my twin brother’s soul, I understood myself, my wants, and desires, on a greater level now that they were no longer mixed up with my twin brother’s. This has led to greater happiness as I start to realise the kind of friendships and relationships I want, and as a result get more fulfilment from them. Many thanks for all your support over the past 3 months, it has had such a positive and profound effect on my life, I will forever be grateful!’

England, England

‘What a liberation! I can walk my own path now’

‘Thank you for taking the dark energies away, Harriët. I feel really lucky, what a liberation! I can walk my own path, feeling worthy, starting to live in my body more and more, in love and gratitude. Thank you, Harriët for your beautiful loving guidance and for making this possible. I feel blessed by having received so much love and light guidance. And for now, I am going to walk my new path!’

Christine Maria, The Netherlands

‘My nausea and migraines are gone’

‘A month ago, I had been having nausea and migraines for a week. I called Harriët to ask if I could try an Emerald Heart essence. Two days after taking it, these drops suddenly brought insight into the causes! My nausea turned out to be disgust, and the migraines were based on a vague kind of anger. I have tried to embrace those feelings with a lot of love. First, I met myself as a girl of about 8 years old, and then as a baby. The next night I got a cold and had a huge cough! It felt as if it were in clear connection with the process the essence had brought me in. That cold literally meant letting go – although I do not know exactly what it was that I released. The cough is still not completely over, but psychologically I have been feeling much better this entire month. Thank you Harriët, I am really happy with this result!’

Tanja, The Netherlands

‘I am more empowered and am able to find peace’

‘During the four months’ Wheel of Light Program that you gave me, the path to my heart has become more direct and powerful. I am more empowered and am better able to find peace in periods of unrest, stress, and sadness. The light gives unexpected but clear signals: messages and coincidences that I cannot ignore. I am extremely happy to have come in contact with the Emerald Heart Light. A nourishing light that I cannot do without.’

Margriet, The Netherlands

Four months of Light brought me a smooth recovery

‘Thank you very much for the four months Light Program that you started when I had my hip replaced. I cannot put it in words, but I knew I was constantly being carried. Even after the operation, when I had to learn to walk again, I experienced being held. Although learning to walk again was quite an ordeal, I was able to get through this difficult period with unexpected ease. My physiotherapist was impressed with my smooth recovery.

One day I felt that something was disappearing. It was the support of the Light that left when I no longer needed it. I still find it very strange, because I am not really into this sort of thing and I can’t explain it, but that it helped me, is absolutely obvious.’

X, The Netherlands

‘I have become less susceptible to addictions’

‘I experience The Emerald Heart Light as grounding, comforting, contemplative and wonderfully warming and relaxing. Furthermore, I have the idea that thanks to attending your Emerald Heart Meditations I have become much less susceptible to my shopping addiction. And my addictions in general (sugar addiction, for example)!’

Kate, The Netherlands

Experiences with Light Essences

‘Surrounding effect’

‘I love your essences, they have a kind of surrounding effect.’

Giny, The Netherlands

‘Positive changes on so many levels’

‘What an impressive effect Emerald Heart essences have. In recent weeks, positive change has taken place on so many levels! I so look forward to taking the next one.’

Anonymous, The Netherlands

‘More peace and quiet within myself’

‘I am doing fine now, there is more and more peace and quiet within myself and my relationship. So, thank you for your essences.’

Anonymous, United Kingdom

‘This is the essence of the Great Mother’

‘The Mary Line essence is a very potent and powerful essence and I have felt it growing in power during the time I have taken it. It is for sure the essence of the Great Mother with a soul and life of her own.’

Rosa, Sweden

‘The rage was liberating’

‘I really tried to take drops 3 times a day, I managed to do that for 2 or 3 days, after that I completely forgot about them. But maybe this was already enough for my system, because I did end up in an intense rage week (standing up for myself more). The essence’s target was to let go of my ‘Fear to Be Myself’. The rage was liberating, despite the fact that I was not much fun for my environment :-). It feels like I made a big step in my development.’

Kate, The Netherlands

‘I have become more clear-headed, gentle and balanced’

‘I am very happy with the drops I took the past month. It’s the first time that I tried an Emerald Heart essence. I have the impression that I’m more clear-headed, more gentle and able to remember more dreams when I wake up in the mornings. More in harmony and balanced. Great, thank you for that.’

Phil, The Netherlands

‘Connecting with my Higher Self’

‘Emerald Heart essences make me happy for they activate the connection with my Higher Self.’

Melle, The Netherlands

‘The reading already starts awakening my heart’

‘How wonderful the reading of The Mary Line essence is!! I haven’t even started the essence yet, but it brought me to tears at least twice and I could really feel an awakening in my heart.’

Justin, Australia

‘Without the essence, it would have been too heavy’

‘I took the last few drops last Wednesday, the day after a course in female sexuality. Halfway through that course I realized that I had really not foreseen how intense it would be for me. Every week I was confronted with enormous fears and resistance, and afterwards I received beautiful, but often painful insights. More than once I have sought help from the group leader. And more than once I also wrote in my diary: “I don’t know how I could have done this course without the drops”! Your essence has supported me wonderfully, Harriët. Thank you!’

Z, The Netherlands

‘I stand firmer, with determination’

‘Above all, the essence called “The Pure Power of Intention” has taught and given me determination. It has given me a firmer stand in the relationship with my partner, in therapy sessions and at work. This essence gave me a beautiful journey towards more strength in individuality.’

Maria, The Netherlands

‘This essence makes me so happy’

‘I am taking The Mary Line essence for the third time now. It makes me so happy, I am so glad I found it! It helps me a lot, I just love it. And you know what? Every morning when I wake up and take it, I feel a power boost coming through my body. And then I know: now I am really awake :-)’

M, The Netherlands

‘A burden is leaving me, it makes me happy’

‘I am now in the middle of my process with The Mary Line drops. I am becoming aware of old resistance and gradually that is dissolving. I feel a bit more relaxed. A burden is leaving me and it makes me happy. Sometimes I shed tears in the letting go of the old and the welcoming of the new, but it is a miracle and a truly wonderful process. It hungers for more.’

N, The Netherlands

‘It’s like the safe embrace of the womb’

‘This essence gave me a subtle calmness and a sense of security. I feel held, like a fetus in the  safe embrace of the womb.’

Cecilia, The Netherlands

 ‘Welcome support in a difficult period’

‘The drops do their job well. They open my foot chakras and everything that I need to let go off, flows into the earth. A welcome support in this difficult period of betrayal and divorce.’

T, The Netherlands

‘In sync with mother earth’

‘This essence vibration makes me in sync with mother earth.
I am able to be in the moment and enjoy everything.
Currently we are having a huge storm and it makes me feel completely at one with mum earth.’

Corien, The Netherlands

Experiences with Light Transmissions

‘I integrated so many aspects of my being’

‘I really enjoyed this activation of the Spark of Joy. I was working through many old patterns which were well past their sell by date. The fear and old beliefs  causing these patterns were just old energy that was stuck. Once I allowed them to come to the surface, they were carried away by the Light. It felt like a current washing through my energy system, clearing old debris away. The result was very uplifting. I integrated so many aspects of my being. I saw my inner child of three running through a field of buttercups, in the sunshine. Joining hands with the young woman, the mother, the family – all the aspects of me that I had disconnected from were coming out, joining together, feeling the joy of being in the sunshine. Running free. Feeling alive.’

Annette, United Kingdom

‘Trusting and accepting brings flow to my life’

‘Although initially I did not feel a need to take this Light Transmission, I was instantly intrigued by the energy of the words Hope and Trust. Now, a month later, I am so grateful that I did sign up. There have been so many challenging incidents and situations that still require hope and trust to deal with them. This Light Program definitely supported me in becoming aware of all there is inside me, in feeling connected to love, and trusting that the more I accept what is, the more I allow the flow of (my) life to unfold.’

Irene, Germany

‘I could tap into my inner hope and trust’

‘It has been a challenging month for me in which I had to stay at home. This Light Program however enabled me to tap into my inner hope and trust. I thought to myself: “This too shall pass, this is a period of inner peace and personal discovery, a quiet time to reflect on myself”. This month I have balanced my priorities and I have a clearer view of my goals. This Light Transmission sure is worth the investment, I highly recommend it to anyone!’

Trinidad, The Netherlands

‘It helped me to live healthily and mindfully’

‘This 28-day Light Transmission helped me to finally live the healthy lifestyle I had longed for. I regularly meditate, cook healthy meals, go for long walks, do the things I need to do in a mindful way. I admire the beauty of this world and I am grateful. I truly recommend this Focused Formula to others! Thank you Harriët, for bringing it into the world!!’

Irene, Germany

‘I can now make decisions based on my intuition’

‘Hi Harriët, the light work was very subtle… let’s see how it affects my future life. I noticed the following changes: 1) I am quicker to perceive when I am under stress or need to take a break. 2) In my “free time” I spontaneously do the things that have to be done. 3) I now decide from the gut, with intuition, so to speak. Thank you very much for this great Program for my further development.’

Beate, Germany

‘Out of my comfort zone, but able to stay centered’

‘This 4-week Light Transmission has helped me to stay centered, even though at times it felt as if The Light was pushing me out of my comfort zone. I recently started a new teaching job in Leeuwarden. My husband asked me out of nowhere if I would like to move there to be closer to the school. After only one day of looking for apartments, we got the one we both liked! How significant that this program is called “New Beginnings”.’

Trini, The Netherlands

‘I cleaned up my house and now nourish myself’

‘This program has helped me to better understand my path and to set my boundaries in a finer way, like I now only study in the evenings. It has urged me to clean up my house and organize my things in a more efficient way. I also notice that I take better care of myself. I walk, eat regularly, meditate, do yoga, have great conversations, and also nourish myself with wonderful silence and especially nature. And I give in when I am tired. All in all this program was a great find!’

Nicky, The Netherlands

‘Not only energizing but also helpful’

‘It has been such an incredible experience! I feel overall energized and grateful about life and all that I have. During the 28 days Detox period, I lost a very close friend in a dramatic situation and I couldn’t travel to the ceremony, and that made it even more difficult. I felt a deep grief for a couple of days, but as I was receiving the Detox I asked for guidance and to let go of the grief. Once I focused on that, my grief was gone, and I could just feel the love around my friend. It was really helpful in dealing with my feelings.’

Trini, The Netherlands

‘Now I can listen to myself and truly discern what suits me’

‘I experienced this 4-week Light Transmission as very subtle and enjoyable. There was no drama coming to the surface, and since then I can see much more clearly what in my life no longer suits me. I stand up for myself more. But I also notice that I am now looking for what I really want here on earth, what gives me pleasure. I have started listening to myself. This makes me so happy because I had cut myself off. Now this part of me can wake up again. This “heart program’’ has been a wonderful, valuable gift and I can truly recommend it.’

Beate, Germany

‘This has the power of many MBSR-courses’

I loved it!! It served me in so many different ways. Over the last weeks I have been able to actually live the self-care-discipline :) or mindfulness practice I have known for so long would be good for me but that I had never managed to practice consequently. Breathing more deeply and feeling less stressed makes me more open to what IS. And that IS, is Love. Feeling my heart with more intensity and listening to it makes my life rich and meaningful. I don´t know how many MBSR-courses (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) I would have needed to get this far with my self-care-discipline without this formula :) Quite a few I guess!’

Irene, Germany

Experiences with Light Jewellery

‘This emerald pendant is robust and beautifully finished’

‘I received this beautiful emerald pendant from my husband for my birthday. The stone sparkles beautifully, and the quality is robust and beautifully finished. From the moment I put it around my neck, I have never wanted to take it off, it feels wonderful and familiar. By the way, thank you for answering our question immediately via WhatsApp, we then knew that it would be a reliable and safe purchase.’

Anneloes, The Netherlands

‘These emerald earrings carry a lovely vibration’

‘The emerald earrings I received are of particularly good quality crystal. They have a lovely delicate colour, but best of all is the lovely vibration they carry. When I am not wearing them, I hang them on small angels at my window and they beam in beautiful rainbows when the sun catches them.’

Annette, Scotland

‘They feel wonderfully special!’

‘I wanted to share with you that yesterday I received the package with jewellery that you sent, the pendants are so beautiful, and they feel so wonderfully special! What an amazing gift! Thank you so much!’

M., Germany

‘My emerald pendant is so beautiful’

‘I received the emerald pendant this morning, it is so beautiful!! Thank you, I am incredibly happy with it!’

Anne-Marie, The Netherlands

‘These emerald earrings calm my busy mind’

‘Just to tell you that I am delighted with the big sized earrings. I have the impression that they are more effective than the pendant which I have been wearing for months now. They seem to keep my busy mind still, hanging as they do on each side of my head.’ ;-)

Monika, Switzerland

‘They make me feel strong and grounded’

‘These emerald earrings are so pure, so bright, they make me feel strong and grounded! I feel surrounded by light and love!! Thank you Harriët! So grateful!!!’

Julie, The Netherlands