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Harriët Kroon -Spiritual Teacher

My name is Harriët Kroon, Light Worker and one of the two Principal Light Carriers of The Emerald Heart Light. I have been working as an energy therapist and healer since 2001, I developed an effective healing system and founded the global Divine Plan Healing School. Using remote healing, online consultations, essence vibrations and Light Jewellery, I have had the privilege of supporting thousands of people on all continents. My goal and passion in all I do, is to foster and enhance the body’s self-healing capacity. My work focuses on helping you to step into your unique blueprint, find your path and stand strong in your gentle power.

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How The Emerald Heart Light
can help you

The Emerald Heart Light
  • The Emerald Heart Light is pure infinite love.

  • It is a spiritual Light, an aspect of the Source.

  • It can ‘burn’ away the energy of inner limitations – like fears, negative beliefs and patterns of the past. You will feel lighter and happier.

  • It strengthens and energizes your energy system. You become uplifted and empowered.

  • It opens your heart to self-confidence, living your life mission and becoming one with your blueprint.

‘My heart opened’

The Emerald Heart Light and The Emerald Heart essences form a spiritual short cut. You clear out that which needs clearing, restricting emotions. The inner liberation comes closer and closer. For me, the most special was feeling how my heart opened up, I experienced the power of my true nature.’

Ulrike, The Netherlands

‘You are a great teacher’

‘I want to thank you for bringing light and Divine Plan Healing into my life, and for all your advice and support. You are a great teacher, Harriët. God Bless.’

Micky, United Kingdom

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How I can help you

To meet your specific needs, I offer a variety of services like remote consultations and distant healings. Perhaps you prefer a self-help tool like Light Essences, Light Transmissions or Light Jewellery. What does your heart feel drawn to?

Remote Light Healing

Light Healing

Receive Divine Plan Healing at a distance!
Works wonders for
self-care, self-help and

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Light Essences


Simple self-help tools
to overcome blockages without having to take
a consultation or healing

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Light Transmissions

Light Transmissions

Empower yourself with
a 4-week remote transmission of
The Emerald Heart Light. Choose a specific focus

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Light Jewellery


Uplift yourself with stunning jewellery,
charged with
The Emerald Heart Light

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Do you still have questions?

If you are new to Light Work, it can be difficult to know if it is right for you or how specifically it can help.

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