Jewellery Charged with Light

Uplift yourself with Light Jewellery

Carry the Emerald Heart Light with you

How would it be to carry the Light with you at all times? You can. Simply wear our radiant, multifaceted emerald pendant or earrings. All our gemstones are charged with this uplifting Spiritual Light that gently opens your heart and evolves your consciousness.

Beautiful and beneficial

All our beautiful emeralds are charged with The Emerald Heart Light, an aspect of the Source. Their eye-catching radiance gives a special touch to your appearance and makes you glow from within.

  • The Emerald Heart Light helps to open your heart and connects you with the truth of your essence, at the core of your heart

  • The emerald gemstone promotes authenticity, honesty, openness in relationships and harmony with nature

  • The emerald gemstone soothes, cleanses and provides peace and inner quiet

Emerald Heart Light - Stud Earrings

Superior Quality

True gemstones set in genuine sterling silver

Our jewellery is designed for long-lasting enjoyment. All emeralds are set in solid 925 Sterling silver and finished with a fine layer of Rhodium (sometimes called white gold) to prevent tarnishing. Your jewellery keeps its beauty and radiance, year after year.

Our emeralds are cultivated in a laboratory, a pure environment, rendering them more powerful than stones found in nature. The advantages of a lab grown jewel are:

  • They contain no contamination and their clarity is 100%

  • Their purity enhances the incredible amount of radiant Light they can store

  • They are sustainable as they require no drilling or destruction to Mother Earth

Choose your Light-Infused Jewellery

Clarity on your next steps in life - Focused Formula

Emerald pendant
in silver

Carry The Emerald Heart Light
on your heart

€64 – €124

Emerald Heart Light - Stud Earrings

Emerald stud earrings
in silver

Charged with
The Emerald Heart Light

€64 – €78

Emerald Heart Light Drop Earrings

Emerald drop earrings
in silver

Charged with
The Emerald Heart Light


Recharge your Jewellery

your jewellery

A boost of
Emerald Heart Light

€5 – €10

Experiences with wearing Light Jewellery

‘This emerald pendant is robust and beautifully finished’

‘I received this beautiful emerald pendant from my husband for my birthday. The stone sparkles beautifully, and the quality is robust and beautifully finished. From the moment I put it around my neck, I have never wanted to take it off, it feels wonderful and familiar. By the way, thank you for answering our question immediately via WhatsApp, we then knew that it would be a reliable and safe purchase.’

Anneloes, The Netherlands

‘These emerald earrings carry a lovely vibration’

‘The emerald earrings I received are of particularly good quality crystal. They have a lovely delicate colour, but best of all is the lovely vibration they carry. When I am not wearing them, I hang them on small angels at my window and they beam in beautiful rainbows when the sun catches them.’

Annette, Scotland