How to reuse our dropper bottles

Follow this simple 3-step procedure

You can reuse empty essence bottles, for new essence vibrations.

Follow this simple procedure for one or more vials at the same time.

1) Sterilise your bottle

  • Remove the dropper from your finished essence bottle and put it aside.

  • Boil a little water in a pan
    Add the bottle to the water and let it boil for 3 to 4 minutes.
    Take the vial out of the water.
    It will now be easy to remove our original label with a knife.

  • Put the glass part of your dropper in the boiling water.
    Squeeze the top a few times, so the glass part fills and empties itself a few times.
    Make sure you don’t put the plastic and rubber parts of your dropper in the boiling water.

The dropper and your bottle are now sterilised and ready for reuse.

2) Fill up your bottle

Fill your vial with mineral water or a mix of alcohol and mineral water

    • Option 1: 100% water base
      Use still mineral water (NO tap water and NO filtered tap water) from an unopened bottle. Make sure it has not been used before and that you are the first person to open it.
    • Option 2: with alcohol as a preservative
      Fill a quarter to a third of your vial with brandy or something similar (e.g. wodka, gin, cognac) that contains about 40% alcohol. Then fill up with still mineral water as described above.

  • Write the name of the essence vibration that you want to receive on the label

  • Stick it onto your vial.

  • Place this labeled bottle on your altar or other sacred place in your house.

3) Request your essence vibration

  • Notify Harriët by email that your bottle is ready.
    Please write ‘Essence Request’ in the subject line, so she knows this email has priority.
    Do not forget to mention in the email which essence vibration you are requesting.

  • Do not touch or replace the vial whilst being recharged.

  • As soon as Harriët reads your email, she will start transmitting the vibration.
    Harriët will then reply that your essence bottle will be ready for use in 24 hours.


Do not hesitate to contact Harriët.

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