New Beginnings


Helps to break old patterns

Do you sense that every single day is an opportunity to start a blank canvas, but you find it difficult to change your ways? This 4-week distant Light Transmission helps you break old patterns and set your ship on a new course. 

  • Support for a rebirth process in our changing world
  • Letting go of old non-supportive patterns
  • Opening your eyes to new possibilities and new ways of living
  • Gaining a greater sense of your inner being
  • Brings courage to take any necessary steps

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‘I cleaned up my house and now nourish myself’

‘This program has helped me to better understand my path and to set my boundaries in a finer way, like I now only study in the evenings. It has urged me to clean up my house and organize my things in a more efficient way. I also notice that I take better care of myself. I walk, eat regularly, meditate, do yoga, have great conversations, and also nourish myself with wonderful silence and especially nature. And I give in when I am tired. All in all this program was a great find!’

Nicky, The Netherlands

‘This has the power of many MBSR-courses’

I loved it!! It served me in so many different ways. Over the last weeks I have been able to actually live the self-care-discipline :) or mindfulness practice I have known for so long would be good for me but that I had never managed to practice consequently. Breathing more deeply and feeling less stressed makes me more open to what IS. And that IS, is Love. Feeling my heart with more intensity and listening to it makes my life rich and meaningful. I don´t know how many MBSR-courses (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) I would have needed to get this far with my self-care-discipline without this formula :). Quite a few I guess!’

Irene, Germany

‘Out of my comfort zone, but able to stay centered’

‘This 4-week Light Transmission has helped me to stay centered, even though at times it felt as if The Light was pushing me out of my comfort zone. I recently started a new teaching job in Leeuwarden. My husband asked me out of nowhere if I would like to move there to be closer to the school. After only one day of looking for apartments, we got the one we both liked! How significant that this program is called “New Beginnings”.’

Trini, The Netherlands