Offers silent strength

Are you facing a challenge? Are you deepest fears triggered? Would you like to feel carried and centred? This essence

  • Pulls you through a challenging period
  • Guides you into a place of silent strength
  • Strengthens and energizes your energy system

Each bottle brings personal evolution and healing for six weeks.

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‘Without the essence, it would have been too heavy’

‘I took the last few drops last Wednesday, the day after a course in female sexuality. Halfway through that course I realized that I had really not foreseen how intense it would be for me. Every week I was confronted with enormous fears and resistance, and afterwards I received beautiful, but often painful insights. More than once I have sought help from the group leader. And more than once I also wrote in my diary: “I don’t know how I could have done this course without the drops”! Your essence has supported me wonderfully, Harriët. Thank you!’

Z, The Netherlands

‘I have become more clear-headed, gentle and balanced’

‘I am very happy with the drops I took the past month. It’s the first time that I tried an Emerald Heart essence. I have the impression that I’m more clear-headed, more gentle and able to remember more dreams when I wake up in the mornings. More in harmony and balanced. Great, thank you for that.’

Phil, The Netherlands

‘More peace and quiet within myself’

‘I am doing fine now, there is more and more peace and quiet within myself and my relationship. So, thank you for your essences.’

Anonymous, United Kingdom
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There are two buying options:
1) Receive a dropper bottle and choose between alcohol based or alcohol free. I use alcohol for preservation reasons, but this is not necessary if you don’t want to take alcohol.

2) Receive a remote transmission of the essence vibration in a bottle that you have prepared. The advantage of a transmission is that you avoid the postage fee. You can reuse one of our dropper bottles or use a little bottle of mineral water. With your order confirmation you will receive instructions on how to do this.

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